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In Honor of New York: Think Equal, New Jersey

All weekend, New Jersey & Blue Jersey have been celebrating a suddenly more equal New York. And Twitter has been thumping with high-fives, congrats legislators in Albany, to Gov. Cuomo and a whole state full of happy, new CUOMOsexuals itching to get hitched. One of the messages that came back to us was from Phillip Anderson at The Albany Project with just a huge compliment to Blue Jersey:

@jay_lass I’ll also say this, the @bluejersey tv spots on #marriageEQUALITY are still the best things on the subject i’ve ever seen.

Wow, that’s so nice!
The 4 Think Equal ads Blue Jersey did – conceived, written and produced by Jack Bohrer and Juan Melli with fantastic actors, director & crew- were one of the best things Blue Jersey ever did. Four PSA’s for TV cleverly outlining the differences between civil unions and real marriage. A take-off on Apple’s PC vs. Mac ads.

There are 4 ads. Here’s the first. We’ll run the rest of them throughout today and tonight. They honor our neighbors across the Hudson. This is for you, New York, with our thanks.

Hey, hey – Thank you, from Blue Jersey

So … we had this little election. And lost the biggie, and a lot of downballot races local people were counting on. I want to say something about – and to – the frontpage writers here. Then something to the rest of you.

The relationship between the Corzine campaign and some of the organized grassroots and netroots infrastructure was not what it could have been. I’m at a loss to explain it. We heard murmurs repeatedly during the campaign that 2009 was not 2005, and that this was an insiders campaign, with less room for roots involvement. Yes, 2009 wasn’t 2005; we won 2005. One of the beauty parts of Corzine’s first governor’s campaign was something called the Corzine Connection which several people here worked on. It was an imperfect, but exciting, effort by Corzine to put himself and high-level surrogates into rooms with people who usually don’t have that access. Smart. This blog, it should be said, also had its birth during that campaign and was an unofficial driver of its movement forward.

This year, very different. We wish the ties between us were closer. We very much enjoyed the opportunities we did have with the Governor, and his team. Some of the campaign’s best and most forward-thinking idea-people may have been drowned out in the noise of the campaign’s daily engine. We don’t know. But we’re proud of this campaign staff, who worked so hard. And we sure as hell wish our Governor and his kick-ass running-mate won. Hurts like hell.

Here at Blue Jersey, all the people you see in that list to the right – Staff Writers – stayed up late, sneaked away from work, and ignored their families to find new ways, new angles and hard info to help that campaign and more importantly to keep supporters informed, engaged, and supplied with arguments to make with their Christie-voter neighbors.

So, to the Blue Jersey frontpagers, a big and hearty Thank you. If I could send you all to St. Barts for post-election vacation, which is where the Governor sent himself, I would, oh yes I would. You were nothing less than an unpaid oppo team. You worked till you were tired and cranky; you were tough and you rocked.

Thanks, too, to the Blue Jersey community. We’re a community blog, and there was a sharp uptick in participation we all hope continues. You gave as good as you got. Clued us in to what was going on by you. Pointed us to the local candidates who mattered. Traffic was through the roof – higher than Obama’s election. But here’s what we want now:

1.  If you haven’t already, grab yourself a Blue Jersey account.

2. Then jump into the conversation, or start one by writing a diary.

3. Advertise here. Got a business or a group you want to tell Jersey progressives about? Do it here. Tell us what you have in mind. We discount for members of this community.

4. While you’re at it, you’d look so hot in Blue Jersey blue.

Got your own thanks? Please drop them here. I want to close thanking Garden State Equality. Facing down a vote in lame duck, everything’s on the line, because Chris Christie is no friend of this movement. GSE chose to spend some hard-earned advertising money here, which the Corzine campaign for whatever reasons, did not.We already back equality. But GSE spends here to engage you, because it values you, and needs you now. That means a lot to us. And it’s what’s next.  

Updated: Christie closing video uses clips “without licensing” & “violation of copyright law”

This morning we posted about how the Christie campaign was using watermarked video in his closing argument indicating a violation of copyright law.  Blue Jersey reached out to Pond 5, the company where the Christie campaign took the footage from and received this response from co-founder and CEO Tom Bennett:

It does appear that the Christie campaign has used stock footage from Pond5 without licensing it, in violation of both our license agreement and copyright law.  We have brought this to our legal counsel and will be determining a course of action soon.

They also provided a link to all of their clips that they say appear to have been used. You see for Chris Christie, laws appear to be for the rest of us to follow.

Updated by Jason: Talking points memo has now picked up on the story and credited our earlier post.

Update # 2 by Jason: The Christie campaign has done some damage control:

Late Update: The video has now been restored on Christie’s YouTube page — apparently in a rush, as it was done with watermarks and all. Bennett told us that at 3:43 p.m. ET, someone associated with the Christie campaign bought permissions for all the relevant videos. “So it looks like they’re doing damage control,” Bennett said.

I find it hilarious that even though they own the rights now, they still are running the ad with the watermarks. So is this their closing statement on the campaign or copyright infringement?

The DGA role in the New Jersey election

The new media team of the Democratic Governor’s Association (DGA) just held a conference call with bloggers. I asked about the role the DGA is playing in this campaign — after all, we know the RGA actually ran more ads than Jon Corzine, so what is the role the DGA is playing?

The reason we don’t see DGA-branded advertising is that it is restricted by New Jersey state election law. Governor Jon Corzine is a member of the DGA so ads would not be “independent expenditures.” In contrast, Chris Christie is not a member of the RGA (and, cough, cough, hopefully never will be) so it can run legally “independent” ads. The RGA has made a strategic decision to spend heavily to try to keep Christie competitive and to evade the spending limits the Christie campaign faces, though the DGA believes the RGA wasted money in the summer trying to bring down Corzine’s numbers. (I guess if you’re the one of the 40% on board with Corzine, a few attack ads are not going to discourage you at this point.)

The DGA has made a “different strategic decision,” and has instead largely invested in party infrastructure to enable Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts. Around $1.5 million have been put into local party efforts. The DGA believes that this strategy will ensure sufficient Democratic voters will turn out, and that Democrats hold a significant advantage over Republicans. Furthermore, they think Daggett’s lack of a local party infrastructure will hurt him at the polls. Experts have observed Democrats have a turnout advantage (“In the 2006 election for U.S. Senate, about 7-in-10 registered partisans showed up, but only 1-in-3 unaffiliateds did”) but this reflects hard work made possible by major spending.

That’s not to imply that the DGA has completely ignored the TV ad wars. They can — and did —  direct money to independent progressive groups who in turn advertize. You might remember the Mid-Atlantic Leadership Fund’s ads last spring, or the New Jersey Progress ads this fall. All in all, the DGFA will spend more than $3 million on the race.

RGA/Christie ran more ads than Corzine from July-September

For all the complaining about how Governor Corzine is outspending everyone with the amount of money they are spending for ads on TV, the numbers tell a different story:

In accepting matching funds, Christie faces a spending cap.

That’s where the Republican Governors Association comes in. RCP asked Nielsen to pull the RGA’s ad buys during the same period. The data shows that when combined with Christie’s spending, the Republicans have actually been on the air with more ads than Corzine.

July: Corzine 1,908 — Christie/RGA 1,739

August: Corzine 1,306 — Christie/RGA 2,078

September: Corzine 1,592 — Christie/RGA 1,402

TOTALS: Corzine 4,806 — Christie/RGA 5,219

While Christie and the RGA have run more ads, the Corzine campaign has spent more time on the air:

An important distinction: all of the ads that the RGA has launched were 15-second spots, while Corzine’s have been 30-seconds and 60-seconds long. So while they may match up in numbers, Corzine has still purchased more time on the airwaves.

But the Corzine campaign says the ad buys show that the Christie complaints don’t hold water:

Still, the Corzine campaign points to the data to counter the Christie camp’s assertion that the governor has bought his way back into the race.

“The Christie campaign’s contention that this race is tight because of advertising overlooks the fact that the RGA has been funneling millions of dollars into New Jersey since before the primary to distort the Governor’s record,” said Corzine campaign spokesperson Lis Smith. “The more New Jersey voters learn about Chris Christie, the more they see that he is extremely wrong when it comes to what matters for the state.”

Whatever the cause, we have a close race now. And as more polls come out, Christie’s unfavorables have been the consistent factor, continuing to rise with each poll. We still have many more ads to see between now and election day from all sides

New Corzine TV Ad: “Future”

Here’s the details:

Starting today, the 30 second ad will air on both broadcast and cable stations across New Jersey.

“Future” highlights the clear contrast between Jon Corzine who fights for what matters to New Jerseyans and Bush Republican Chris Christie’s record of being wrong when it matters most. Jon Corzine was able to cut the budget by billions, but still increase the state’s investment in public schools. Under his leadership, he expanded early childhood education and our students now rank at the top of the country in reading and math.

The ad details how Chris Christie would shift tax dollars for our public schools to private schools. He also says he would join Governors Sarah Palin and Mark Sanford and reject stimulus funds, forcing the layoffs of up to 35,000 teachers.  Christie has even called early pre-school education “babysitting.”

And the ad:

I’ll put the documentation below the fold. This is another contrast ad that starts with the positive of what Governor Corzine has done to cut the budget while protecting education. It then closes on the negative with Christie talking about how he would shift tax dollars from public to private, reject stimulus funds forcing layoffs of teachers and called early preschool education “babysitting.” The ad closes saying that Christie is wrong when it matters most.

Obama and McCain ads blanket parts of Jersey

Being in the Philadelphia television market, I see most of the TV ads that are meant for the targeted state of Pennsylvania.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this Obama ad.  I just saw it again during the Sunday night football game on NBC and changed the channel to see it less than ten minutes later during the Red Sox/Angels baseball game on TBS, along with all of the standard cable news channels:

Below the fold I’ll put the McCain ad I currently see in rotation, though not nearly as much as the Obama ads and you can tell us what you think.

Track National Ads Running In New Jersey

Daily Kos has a few really good ads from Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee (you can watch them below the fold) that will be running on national cable in the coming weeks.  These are the kind of ads that I love to see, hard-hitting but totally truthful.  The DNC ad is mostly John McCain with his own words — which you know means there will be cries that this is unfair from the right wingers!

New Jersey is pretty much in the Blue column for November, so we’re not going to see a ton of advertising from either campaign except the national stuff.  There will be some Philly stuff down south, but it will be targeted to Pennsylvania and not to us.

So I was wondering what we are going to get to see, and whether any of you are seeing these ads.  Do Blue Jersey a favor and treat this as an open thread on how the national campaign ad strategy helps or hurts us here in NJ, and whether you’ve seen any ads in the upcoming week.

It could be the McCain ads already running in the Olympics, the upcoming Obama ads slated for both local cable and the Olympics, or something some third-party group put together.

Please put the campaign or sponsor (if third party), the time, the channel and — if you can figure it out — whether the ad was a local, regional or national buy.

Menendez Launches First TV Ad

The first television ad of Senator Menendez’s campaign focuses on the most important issue facing our nation – the Iraq War. Even with the benefit of hindsight, the irrefutable revelations that the premise for war was built on fabrications, deception and lies, and the administration’s total incompetence and mismanagement of the effort, Tom Kean Jr has stated that he would still have voted for this war anyway.

That’s not being “independent” –  it’s falling in line with Bush and putting your party above all else – facts and reality be damned. There’s nothing “ethical” about sending the children of others to die for a war you know is based on lies and you know would be grossly mismanaged. That’s shamefully irresponsible judgement.

New Jersey rejects that kind of judgement, and Menendez’s new ad will remind voters that there is a clear contrast between himself and Tom Kean Jr’s support for the war and Bush’s reckless policies. Click below to view the ad.