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New Jerseyans on President Obama

Thoughts on President Obama, his inauguration speech, and his second term:

  •  Tyrone Powell, a 65-year-old Paterson accountant: “Obama needs to be true to his convictions.  I feel the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King got from God to help the poor – he enacted part one and passed it down to Barack.”

  •  U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-CD 6): There will be a measure of inspiration in the president’s speech Monday, but the focus for New Jersey and for the country will be on creating jobs and continuing to nourish economic recovery.”

  •  Rutgers History Professor Clement Price: “The speech and the second term should be about overcoming Washington gridlock. He has not shown the kind of political skill that we saw with Bill Clinton and much earlier with Lyndon Johnson. His second term should not be driven by excitement. It should be driven by a work ethic.”

  •  Camden Mayor Dana Redd: “My number one issue is public safety.”

  • U. S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-CD 7): “It is a celebration of our democracy.”

  •  Newark Mayor Cory Booker: “We live in a tough environment right now. Obama has already shown his ability to forge his way forward. This time it’s just about continuing the work.”

  •  Nick Ragone, author: “Our broken politics, for starters, is in desperate need of healing, while long-term entitlement obligations threaten our future like the sword of Damocles. A road map to fixing either would be a great place to start.

  •  Patricia Johnson, a West Orange healthcare worker: “Getting people back to work.”

  •  Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-37): “We watch Barack Obama assume his second term, and we remember the horrors that guns in the wrong hands have caused taking the lives of President John F. Kennedy, the Rev. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy.”

    Open thread:  Add your thoughts.

  • Camden Mayor Dana Redd and Power Broker George Norcross III Immortalized In Song

    “I’m from where they raise taxes, homeless get evicted / Just what Norcross depicted, a city apocalyptic / Dana Redd don’t run shit, she restricted, a puppet with strings twisted / The city’s mayor never existed.”

    So you’re Camden Mayor Dana Redd. Or you’re South Jersey Democratic power broker (boss) George Norcross. And suddenly, questions about your political dealings have crossed from the back rooms and wonky websites into pop culture. Uh-oh. That can’t be good for the ol’ legacy.

    With a hat-tip to Save Jersey, this is the new video for the song  “Voices (Camden NJ Anthem),” featuring a number of Camden’s most notable rappers and anchored by Big Lou.  Starting around the 5:00 mark, he says the lines quoted at the top of this diary.

    Thoughts, Blue Jersey?