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Is this the Trump Doctrine?

What can we deduce of a nascent Trump Doctrine from tonight’s launch of almost 60 Tomahawk missiles fired at an airbase in western Syria tonight? Distraction? Hypocrisy? Or thoughtful and mature decision-making? Well, military action is one way to bump…
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You wanna go out and get coffee today?

So, I’m headed out to coffee in Lambertville today – because the coffee-focused website Sprudge is awesome. They saw the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) out front defending refugee and immigrant families, and they – who are non-partisan, not political and really just obsessed…
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All Hat, No Cattle

There’s an expression “all hat, no cattle” that fits Chris Christie to a tee. UrbanDictionary.com defines the term as Description of a person that is all talk and no substance; full of big talk but lacking action; a person who…
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