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From Death’s Door to Disney World

My friends Mike and Kathy Pollock epitomize the type of New Jerseyans that the Republicans love to venerate. They are small businesspersons, running a mom and pop hardware store in Camden County.

They have been battling the medical-industrial complex for many years. Kathy is severely compromised and needs continuous therapy which over the years has slowly but consistently improved her outlook – until Governor Christie took over.

I’ll let Mike tell the story. These are his words – edited only for minor grammar and spelling changes, and published with his permission.

When my wife and the mom of our two terrific boys Kathy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor followed by two massive strokes as a result of the treatment for the tumor, our world was in turmoil. But we fought through the immorality of our for-profit health care system. We were at times stymied by denials from our health insurer and felt the uncomfortable position that doctors found themselves in due to the resistance of a for-profit corporation that in reality had the power of life and death over our beloved Kathy. Because of my unbending resolve and her determination to live, we prevailed.