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For Christie, Bridgegate is not behind him

Gov. Christie last evening held a New Hampshire “Town Hall” at Fury’s Publick House which lived up to it’s name when Eileen Sahagian, a  former NJ resident, exclaimed to him, “When I heard about the Bridge Scandal, I was beyond horrified. It reminds me of feudal times … when the king would say, ‘Who cares about the peasants?'” … She was “worried about having a president who has people around him who think that’s OK.” Christie sidestepped the concern by saying “I played no role in the lane closure incident. If they could have gotten something on me, I suspect they would have.”

The question was not whether he played a role but about those around him. Christie has been trying to put the issue behind him. He said, “I am going to stop apologizing for it.” However, he will have difficulty achieving that goal. Investigations continue. The lives of people trail him – those who appeared recently in federal court and those who wittingly or unwittingly were involved.

So far there are only 3 federal indictments. There remains a substantial likelihood that Christie’s close confidante David Samson who once ruled questionably over the NY NJ Port Authority will be indicted. The PA itself has received subpoenas from  the NJ U. S. Attorney, County of NY District Attorney, Securities and Exchange Commission, NJ Select Committee on Investigations (NJSCI) and NJ State Ethics Commission (NJSEC). The NJSCI should want to delve further into whether state laws were broken and seek remedies. Although the NJ Acting Attorney General and NJSEC operate under the authority of the governor, they should also investigate and prosecute where necessary. Also there are civil suits.

For other individuals involved who may be “co-conspirators” go below the fold.