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Don Norcross Again States Support of Rutgers Camden

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This past weekend Sen. Donald Norcross spoke to students who have been admitted to Rutgers Camden for next fall.  He again reiterated his support for the campus, and for keeping it part of Rutgers University.  There was no mention of any merger with Rowan University.  He has posted video of his remarks (5 minutes long) on YouTube.  The specific comments about the campus staying part of Rutgers is near the end.

This evening Sen. Norcross spoke to a group of alumni this evening and made similar remarks, even putting on a “Save Rutgers Camden” t-shirt.  No video available of that so far.  

It will be very interesting to see what, if any, legislation is developed regarding the restructuring of higher education in the state, especially in reference to UMDNJ and Rutgers.    

North/South Divide over Higher Education should end now

Important – Assemblywoman Wagner, a member of the Joint Higher Education Committee, parts ways with Sen. Steve Sweeney’s response to U.S. Sen. Lautenberg’s call for a federal review of the proposed merger of Rutgers-Camden and Rowan universities. – promoted by Rosi

As a member of the Joint Higher Education Committee on the merger of Rowan, Rutgers and UMDNJ, I had the opportunity to listen to the passionate testimony of over 100 individuals who represented varied interests.  

I came to the meeting with an open mind and the hope that two questions would be answered.  Would this merger offer expanded educational opportunities for the students of New Jersey and would this plan provide for a more efficient less costly method of delivering higher education to the students of New Jersey?  

Sadly enough, the plan offered little in the expansion of choice for the students of South Jersey and offered no financial details as to how this can occur.  

The plan simply needs more work.  The four month deadline is absurd.  There are too many questions that need to be answered.  The first one is how to pay for this.  I heard estimates from as low as 40 million dollars each year to millions upon millions of dollars to make this happen.  In addition, I struggle to have Rutgers Camden Law and Rutgers Camden Business School simply go away and be turned over to Rowan.  

The students in South Jersey deserve an opportunity to have a choice of Rutgers Camden or Rowan.  A possible alternate, if we are looking to cut down costs and offer more opportunities, would be to form a consortium of the two schools in order to share services, grants etc.

The Rutgers-New Brunswick UMDNJ piece of the consolidation also needs more work.  How will this merger affect University Hospital and how will this merger help or hinder the progress of Newark’s revitalization program? During his testimony, Mayor Corey Booker quoted an African Proverb when he stated, “Go fast, you go it alone.  Go slow and you go together. ”  

Bruce Springsteen, Please Help Rutgers-Camden

Excuse me, who do you think should help us save Rutgers-Camden?

The Boss!

Uh, no, they don’t mean you, Gov. Christie. You’re not always the Boss. Sometimes, particularly in Jersey, there’s a higher authority.

Some of the folks in the Rutgers-Camden community coalition of students, faculty, staff and community have produced a video they’re hoping Bruce Springsteen sees. They want him to speak out, or sing out, against the merger Chris Christie and Donald Norcross intend between Rutgers-Camden and Rowan Universities; a merger they say would cannibalize highly-rated Rutgers’ southern outpost and reduce the value of its degrees.

Enjoy, and if you know Bruce, send this his way, and take action below:

Against the Ru-Ro merger?

There’s a petition at the R2RMERGE website, against the merger, and portals to the effort’s Twitter, Facebook, blog (currently featuring “Who’s an idiot now?”) and press and info links, and contact info for New Jersey legislators, set up so you can make a lobbying call directly from your computer.  

Something is Very Wrong With Chris Christie

Yesterday, our governor distinguished himself by calling an Iraq War veteran an “idiot.”

No, I’m not kidding. Matt Katz tells the story:

At a town hall meeting in front of hundreds of people at the Roebling firehouse, Christie said current Rutgers-Camden students would be able to graduate with Rutgers degrees. But that did not placate William Brown, 34, a former Navy SEAL and second-year Rutgers-Camden law student, who asked about the future.

“What about my son? What about my neighbors? What about my friends?” Brown asked.

More below the fold …

Defend Rutgers: Communicating Rutgers Identity 101

This video was developed by the writer for a class assignment in Rutgers Master of Communication and Information Studies program. We’re hearing a lot of Rutgers exceptionalism; well-deserved. We’re also interested in hearing from Rowan University students and community members. – promoted by Rosi

This video is a little experiment that I put together to help tell the Rutgers story during a time of significant transition.

Rutgers is one of the few institutiuons that reaches all parts of New Jersey and is one of only 59 universities in the country that is a member of the prestigious American Association

Yet, Rutgers has never recieved the in-state support that other large public, flagship universities, like Penn State, Indiana, Wisconsin and Virginia regularly recieve.

Now the Rutgers-Camden campus is being used as a pawn in the long overdue reorganization of medical education in the state while a nationwide search for a new Rutgers  president is underway.

New Jersey needs a robust flagship public university as part of it’s economy and public life.  

Help Defend Rutgers and help us tell the Rutgers story to key leaders across the state.

Sweeney calls Rutgers Camden protesters a “lynch mob”

I wouldn’t agree with the writer’s suggestion that not attending college makes anyone ignorant. That said, Sweeney’s was a poor, thoughtless and inaccurate description of students acting the best way they know how to defend their school against a plan they don’t support. Thanks for the diary.  – promoted by Rosi

In a stunning example of racial insensitivity, Steve Sweeney called Rutgers Camden students and faculty protesting the end of their school’s affiliation with the state’s university a “lynch mob.”

Characterizing Thursday’s rally at Rutgers-Camden as an irresponsible “lynch mob” reaction, the Senate leader said he hopes to see the confusion remedied with a clear picture of the proposal.

This in a school whose full time students are less than 50% white.  Where 1 in 10 are African-American.  More than at Rowan.  Where students were merely exercising their right to protest this Norcross-Christie backroom deal.

Sweeney should be made to apologize for his insensitive remark.

Of course, since he never went to college, it may be ignorance and not racial insensitivity, that led to Sweeney’s comment.  Either way, like Christie, Sweeney should apologize for his improper comparison to Jim Crow.