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“Treat Our Four Families the Same” – Adolph Galluccio

If you watch only one Blue Jersey video on the marriage equality debate, this is the one to watch. This video presents the testimony of three generations of the Galluccio Family. Adolph, the grandfather, has four children. Three of them are straight and one is gay. Adolph’s son Michael and Michael’s husband Jon have been in a long term relationship and are one of the first set of gay parents in New Jersey permitted to adopt children. Two of their children, Madison and Adam testified along with their parents. The video ends with a powerful statement by Adolph.

Even if you feel you don’t have the time to view a 12 minute video, you must view Madison’s testimony at 5:35. Look how proud Jon is of his daughter. After seeing this, if you’re not a supporter of equal rights, then you just don’t have a heart.