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FDU/ Public Mind Poll Has Clinton Up 10 Nationally

Farleigh Dickinson’s Public Mind Poll has Democrat Hillary Clinton hitting the magical 50% level nationally with a 10 point lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump who sits at a terrible 40%. With Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Jill Stein included…
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What’s Happening Today Tue. 08/20/2013

Cranford Pizza Shop Owners to Congressman Lance: Time to “Deliver” on Immigration Reform: 9:30am, Ahead of Congressman Lance’s town hall meeting in Gillette this evening, shop owners will talk about the importance of immigrant workers in New Jersey’s pizza restaurants, and their support for common sense, comprehensive immigration reform, il Giardino Pizza, 103 Miln St, Cranford. Rep. Lance (R-CD 7) says, “The border fence is not nearly enough.” Perhaps it should be fully electrified, raised 60 feet and reinforced with barbed wire?

Ascendancy of the Libertarians: During the presidential election cycle Republican/Libertarian Rep. Ron Paul fared poorly, but his Republican/Libertarian son Sen. Rand Paul has emerged as a Republican “darling.”  He and Chris Christie recently got into a dust-off. Christie’s message: “Ideology doesn’t matter; winning does.” Republican Senate candidate Steve Lonegan also holds Libertarian positions, some of  which even Democrats might agree with: opposition to NSA surveillance on U.S. citizens, bank bail-outs, and becoming the world’s policeman. Monday night on NJToday he tried to broaden his base, appealing to Democrats. No one expects Lonegan to win but Libertarian points of view are becoming the talk of Washington and New Jersey.

Christie and Lonegan: This afternoon when Christie endorses Lonegan for Senate, we will see the rough, laser-sharp, unflinching Lonegan (“Give me Liberty or give me death.”) versus the brash, flexible (I’ll do what it takes to win) Christie. There is no love lost between them as they competed in the 2009 gubernatorial primary, and Lonegan has criticized him from the far right. For the Governor who needs the support of moderates and independents to win both the governorship and the presidency, he walks a tightrope. As Sen. Buono said last night on Chris Hayes’ MSNBS show, “he’s trying to thread the needle.” Others might say he has no  principles, but regardless Lonegan’s more extreme views are of no help to him.

Christie to accept public matching funds: An official told The Associated Press Gov. Chris Christie will make an initial filing today to accept state funds for his fall re-election bid, which will provide his campaign with more than $8 million. Candidates who accept public funds are obligated to participate in two pre-election debates.

Cory Booker: We have not seen a public schedule for him recently. However, he does pepper us daily with sophomoric wisdom on Facebook and Twitter. His most recent entry: “Strength isn’t always a physical thing but it is always a mental attitude.” OK, but how about telling us what is on your schedule?

Island Beach State Park to host “Harvest the Bay Festival”: 3:00-7:00pm, Eat fresh fish and learn about the 3,000 acre park, Ocean Bathing Area 1, free with park admission.

Public Schedules:

Governor Christie: 12:00, press conference with U.S. Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan, who yesterday released the federal HURRICANE SANDY REBUILDING TASK FORCE REPORT, Little Ferry. For comments on the report from NJ Future, go here.

Governor Christie/U.S. Senate canditate Steve Lonegan: 4:15, Christie endorses Lonegan for Senate, Hunterdon County Republican Headquarters, 1 New Jersey 12,  Flemington.

Buono/Silva Gubernatorial Campaign: None

Michael Doherty Politicizes Boston Patriot’s Day Bombing

Promoted by Rosi, who used to be represented in the NJ Senate by Mike Doherty, and is glad she isn’t anymore.

Here’s Michael Doherty — NJ state Senator, uber-“conservative” and confused libertarian — in today’s PNJ:

“While law enforcement was searching for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Watertown, they had no problem trampling the Fourth Amendment privacy rights of an entire neighborhood of law-abiding citizens as they went door to door pulling innocent families and children out of their homes at gunpoint before conducting warrantless searches of their homes,” said Doherty.

“Now, just days later, it’s absolutely shocking to learn that the administration of Governor Patrick is refusing requests to release information related to the public benefits provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the Tsarnaev brothers at taxpayer expense, citing their right to privacy. It’s a sick perversion of our laws that allows for accused terrorists to be afforded greater privacy rights than law-abiding citizens.”

Umm, first of all Mr. Doherty alleges that Patrick wrong to violate people’s rights in searching those homes, then demands that Patrick violate someone else’s rights.  As near as I can tell, that is the same thing — Doherty is saying it’s sometimes OK to violate people’s rights, he just disagrees on which people.  Not very strict Constitutionalist.

Reminds me of this old joke.

But even better, Mr. Doherty completely misses that the reason for the voluntary — I repeat, voluntary — lockdown in Watertown was to protect people’s lives.  It was an emergency situation where the police and FBI were going door to door looking for a particular person who might be hiding in any of those homes, a threat to the lives of these law-abiding citizens.  Protecting the lives of law-abiding citizens has long been seen as a valid reason to search without a warrant, whether it’s because you hear fighting or are chasing a perpetrator.

But there is no public need to learn the history of the bombers’ welfare check history. It’s simply prurient interest and a desire to make political hay, and that is certainly not a public good. It may be a Doherty good so he can scream and yell and get attention, but for the rest of us it doesn’t improve our lives or protect us to know whether or not they got government relief.

A Conversation with Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll

To be an effective advocate for progressive causes and social issues, it is important that you know your opponents. Understanding their positions, especially those coming from smart people with whom you may disagree, will help you hone your position and strengthen your arguments.

With that in mind, Joey Novick and I travelled to Morris Township earlier today to have a conversation with Republican Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll. Carroll is a libertarian in the Ron Paul mode, and while most of his views are outside of what we may consider the mainstream, he is firmly entrenched in his principals. Our discussion included slavery, marriage equality, the voting rights act, anti-bullying legislation, medical marijuana, and what to do about Camden’s crime and poverty. Some of Carroll’s thoughts may be surprising or even shocking.