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Giants Parade, Celebration Not Enough

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Today the NJ Giants are having a parade in New York City and a celebration at the Meadowlands, and as a NJ Giants fan I am totally stoked. I have my Giants Super Bowl hat, my Giants Super Bowl shirt, and my crappy two year old Sports Illustrated Giants windbreaker.

But I also have an American flag in front of my home, a memorial flag for a family member who died in combat, and I am saddened that the veterans of the Iraq War are not having a parade.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg explains that the Pentagon has asked that there be no parade while there are still soldiers in Iraq. I find this incredibly specious and astonishing, and just a little ahistorical.

We had a parade after World War II, yet we still have soldiers in both Germany and Japan 55 years later. We had a parade after the Korean War, yet we still have soldier serving in the DMZ.

So why wouldn’t we have a parade at the end of this war?

Please sign the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America petition to get these soldiers their due thanks.