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97 Years Ago Today: 1st Woman in Congress. Today: Zero Women in NJ’s Congressional Delegation.

Ninety-seven years ago today Jeanette Rankin, a Republican and lifelong pacifist from Montana took her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The first woman ever elected to Congress.

Today, there are no women in NJ’s congressional delegation. And though women may find lawmakers who represent them well, there are no women whose footsteps can be followed to Washington. And emerging women candidates now training at Ready to Run or Teach a Girl to Lead or emergeNewJersey, women are missing from that powerful club on the Hill.

But there’s a good chance we’ll change that this year. And the best opportunities are with Democratic candidates. Below the fold, an evaluation of where we stand a chance to send our Jeanette Rankin, or maybe even our Shirley Chisholm to the U.S. House. What do you think?

Janice Kovach fails to get on the ballot in CD7 & her explanation

Via two tweets of Star-Ledger reporter Matt Friedman, we learn that Janice Kovach failed to file the minimum number of signatures required to get on the ballot. Currently, that means that there will be no Democrat listed on ballot in the 7th Congressional District. Unclear if there is recourse with the Division of Elections. I don’t know of one.

However, I texted Kovach, and she replied that she’ll be filling me in soon, and “we’ll be fine”. I’m awaiting details.

Tonight, this is the statement Kovach went on the record with:

This evening, due to a miscommunication between one of our staffers and the New Jersey Division of Elections, a portion of our signatures was invalidated before the filing deadline for the Democratic primary election. We are currently taking steps to appeal this decision so as to ensure that all of our residents are heard on Election Day.

She is running as a Democrat against Rep. Leonard Lance – who has a Tea Partyish primary challenger – in CD7. Kovach is the state Democrats’ longtime party Secretary, Hunterdon County Democrats’ Vice-Chair and the mayor of Clinton, NJ.

I’ll update when I get details. Matt Friedman’s two tweets are below the fold. Follow him at @MattFriedmanSL.

Does Bonnie Watson Coleman in CD12 Help CD7 and CD3?

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Aimee Belgard has a shot at turning a red seat blue in CD3, though it is likely an outside shot. Janice Kovach has a much smaller chance at CD7 given the district’s demographics, a late start and the seeming radio silence since jumping in.

But Bonnie Watson Coleman appears to be consolidating support for herself in CD12 in an effort to replace Rush Holt, and the district looks to be a fairly solid Democratic one assuming no major missteps.

That gives us three Democratic women running for Congress, and at least two opportunities for electoral success.

Given a chance to take an all-male delegation of 12 New Jersey Representatives and make it 25% female, what are the odds that national money and support will flow to the Garden State?  It would be a huge shift, and a great chance to show that Democrats really do support women and to contrast it to the GOP’s spotty record.

So what do you think?  Does Watson Coleman’s surge mean good things for our delegation, and possibly a shift of two GOP seats into the Democratic caucus?

Janice Kovach is running for Congress.

It’s not exactly a surprise, as it was known the mayor of Clinton, New Jersey was going to make a run in CD7. Kovach, a Democrat who presides over an all-GOP town council, can lay better claims to bi-partisanship than Gov. Christie can. She’s also the Secretary of the state Dems, and vice-chair of the Hunterdon Dems. Her target is the formerly quasi-mavericky, and currentTea Party poodle, Leonard Lance.

This is Kovach’s snappy yet faceless announcement video. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

What’s the most Indian-American Congressional District in America? NJ-7?

UPDATE:If you guessed NJ-6 was the other district in the top 10 (joining NJ-7 where Chivukula is running & Rush Holt’s NJ-12) you’re smarter than you look.

David Jarman at Daily Kos’ offshoot Daily Kos Elections was pumped enough that Upendra Chivukula was getting in the NJ-7 race against Leonard Lance (broken here) that he did a little digging into whether NJ-7 is in fact the most Indian-American-intensive district in the nation.

It’s not. But it’s close. NJ-7 is 5th: 6.3% of its population of Asian Indian ancestry.

That includes many professionals working in central Jersey’s pharmaceutical and bio-tech corridors (the Assemblyman is an electrical engineer by education). It’s a built-in leg-up, before you even consider that Chivukula is already a fixture at many events where Indian-Americans are fundraising for Democrats. First or fifth doesn’t matter; as word spreads a lot there could well be interest in Chivukula’s race from Indian-Americans all over the country. Remember, he’s the first Indian-America ever elected to state office in NJ; only the fourth in the nation.

So. NJ-7 ranks 5th.

2 other NJ districts in the top 10.

What are they? I’ll give you the first; it’s too easy: Rush Holt’s 12th (ranks 3rd).

The other one ranks 6th. Which one is it? Guess in the poll below the fold.

(Jarman notes the numbers are based on the old district lines, pre-redistricting)

Upendra Chivukula Running for Congress in CD7

The oddly-shaped congressional district that stretched across central Jersey has been without a Democrat ready and willing to challenge Rep. Leonard Lance since 2010 candidate Ed Potosnak abandoned campaign plans to take the helm at League of Conservation Voters – NJ.

And now we hear that Upendra Chivukula, who represents the 17th Legislative District in the NJ Assembly, is gearing up to run.

Just in time. Good luck to Assemblyman Chivukula.

He is Deputy Speaker in the Assembly, where he has served in the Assembly in the district stretching across Middlesex and Somerset for 10 years. He is an electrical engineer by education, and was council member then mayor of Franklin Twp. (Somerset) before his election to the Assembly.

Chivukula is first Indian-American elected to the New Jersey General Assembly in its history, and only the 4th Indian-American in the United States to be elected to state office.

Chivukula does not currently live in the congressional district.  

Ed Potosnak drops out of NJ-7 race

By email today, Ed Potosnak informed supporters of his 2010 & 2012 runs for Congress against GOP incumbent Leonard Lance that he is ending his run for the seat this year. Potosnak had, after congressional redistricting, a clear shot at the Democratic nomination after former Edison mayor Jun Choi was redistricted out of the newly reconfigured 7th CD. Lance benefitted in the newly drawn district, gaining a district more favorable to the Republican. Lance beat Potosnak 59-41% in 2010.

Potosnak will be taking a job as Executive Director of New Jersey League of Conservation Voters. Before he ran for Congress, Potosnak was a high school chemistry teacher. In 2007, he wAs selected for the highly competitive Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship, which brought him to Washington, where he used his classroom experience to advise members of Congress on education policy. He received the Einstein fellowship twice, working in the DC office of Congressman Michael M. Honda, who is also a DNC Vice-Chair.

Below the fold, Potosnak’s message to supporters: