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Wage Frenzy in New Jersey

Congressman Donald Norcross (D-NJ) and Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) have both unveiled plans to raise the minimum wage. Norcross’ plan focuses on changing minimum wage policy on the federal level, while Sweeney’s plan aims to change New Jersey state…
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Photo of the Day: Camden parents confront Norcross, Sweeney and Hespe

Camden parents confront George Norcross, Don Norcross Steve Sweeney

3 very different expressions on Steve Sweeney, Tom Kean (corrected), George Norcross

as Camden parents confront them

PHOTO: April Saul, Camden, NJ: A Spirit Invincible (on Facebook)

Inside, a $35 ticket conference hosted by the New Jersey “School Choice” Education Reform Alliance (quote marks, mine). Inside, the man who’s made Camden his philanthropic playground, opened opportunities there for business friends to score, and put his name on a few some buildings – George Norcross, who also runs quite a few NJ Democrats. By him, a key beneficiary, Senate President Steve Sweeney, the Norcross operation’s presumptive pick for governor. Also there, NJ Education Commissioner David Hespe, appointed by Gov. Christie to grease the way for privatization targeting NJ’s minority-majority cities.

Outside, about 50 fed up Camden parents, who say they represent many more who aren’t available in the middle of a work day to crash a big wheelers’ get-together.

These are Camden parents who are are tired of people who don’t live in Camden calling the shots about how their kids are schooled and excluding their input. They object to the way their children are turned into commodities for the privatizers of education. Camden’s only under state control two years and they already see the need to shake it off. And they want Christie-appointed Superintendent Paymon Rouhanifard gone.

News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, September 3, 2015

Parents suing New Jersey’s Department of Education over the use of new state exams and SAT and ACT tests to determine whether students meet graduation requirements. 

Calling it an “unlawful” overreach by the federal government, Gov. Chris Christie slammed President Obama’s new Clean Power Plan, which aims to cut emissions at fossil fuel-fired power plans across the U.S. Is anyone surprised?

Christie seeks financial advisor for state transportation projects. NJ Spotlight adds, “It’s not clear what money will be left to manage if Transportation Trust Fund goes broke at end of next fiscal year.” Is this just another way for Christie to postpone the inevitable? He already has a top-notch transportation commissioner in Jamie Fox.

Senate President Stephen Sweeney and Democratic state lawmakers urge Christie to sign legislation that would overhaul New Jersey’s voting laws. They ask him “to put presidential politics aside,” but it is unlikely he will as he has already criticized the bill. Nonetheless, it’s a fight well worth fighting.

The Record reports NY NJ Port Authority has $1.75M tab on outside lawyers to shield itself and its employees from an investigation into whether it improperly used toll money from its Hudson River crossings to fix state roads in New Jersey.

James O’Keefe, once and forever one of Rutgers’ most embarrassing alums, gets caught apparently breaking the law as he tries tripping up the Clinton campaign.

Christie slimes Hillary Clinton with his comments on her email scandal, says Star-Ledger editorial.

A $1 million theft of Apple laptops destined to NJ high schools last year: But, NY prosecutors said on Wednesday, a few things had not added up.

The conservative Manhattan Institute says, N.J. pension reform is one of a few in U.S. that saves money in long-term.

An early – and glowing – review of Freeheld: “a true story about a dying lesbian detective, her mechanic girlfriend, and the legal battle that changed New Jersey. This film’s a surprisingly tender love story.”

Chris Christie is a sad fanboy now: He says he used to be Springsteen’s friend, which may just be wishful thinking, but some newly discovered posts from a 15-year-old email listserv shed additional light on just how deep Christie’s devotion runs.