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Can Sweeney Wear the Glass Slipper?

Not too long ago, State Senator Steve Sweeney announced that state employees should bear the brunt of balancing the budget.  In his rush to appear “fair and balanced” and to offer insincere proposals to avoid the sales tax hike, he was willing to “forget” that the budget and benefits promised to state workers are the results of many years of collective bargaining and are contractually obligated.  That doesn’t matter to Sweeney, he’s just trying to look good.

The Jersey Journal is now asking Cindarella Sweeney to try the shoe on his own foot.

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News Round-up for Thursday, June 15

  • New Quinnipiac poll released this morning: Senator Robert Menendez is leading Tom Kean JUNIOR 43-36%, up from 40-34% in the last Quinnipiac poll done in April. Senator Lautenberg has a 44% approval rate in the poll; Bush, 28% approve while 69% disapprove.
  • The Federal Government yesterday filed lawsuits against Attorney General Zulima Farber and other state officials to stop legal procedings aimed at getting Verizon, AT&T and other telephone companies to reveal the extent of their compliance with the NSA’s request for phone records without a court order. Farber issued subpeonas to the phone carriers in May; the deadline to respond is today.
  • Gov. Corzine campaigned on the creation of an elected state comptroller; now, he says he’d agree to an independent, appointed one. An elected official would require a constitutional ammendment, but an appointed position may not and therefore be easier to achieve.
  • At an AFL-CIO convention in Atlantic City yesterday, Corzine said he’d reject State Senator Steve Sweeney’s call for $700 million in pay and benefit cuts by state workers. The Senator proposed the cuts as a means to avoid the increase in sales tax. Sweeney is an official with an ironworkers union; building and trade unions have defended his proposal.
  • The Governor is optimistic that his budget will be passed by the end of the month, largely intact. (Well, I’m glad he’s optimistic, but I’ll wait and see what really happens.)
  • A report released yesterday by the Association for Children of New Jersey shows that child welfare system in Our Fair State has had “some progress” in protecting children but “still has a long way to go.” Any progress in improving our system is a good thing. Unfortunately, there has been no increase in foster homes, despite recruiting drives.
  • The Department of Corrections will once again allow prisoners to be interviewed by news media. Interview requests were reviewed on a case-by-case basis until a decision five months ago to cease interviews; the Department plans to return to this policy.
  • A national sweep of illegal immigrant gang members, violent criminals and fugitives has netted more than 60 suspects in New Jersey. Many will be deported but some will face criminal charges.
  • I keep wondering when they’ll fix that obnoxious pothole right in front of my home; unfortunately, it might not be anytime soon. Asphalt prices are up substantially, and the DOT as well as local and county governments are re-evaluating road repair and construction projects in face of rising costs.