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May 14-16 NJDSC State Conference in AC

2015 NJDSC state conference Rollout of this year’s NJ Democrats’ state conference feels a little short notice for me, so I wanted to make sure the event was highlighted for those who want to go.

Register here.

Need a room at the conference hotel?

Questions? Hit up NJDSC (609) 392-3367. Margaret will probably answer. She’s awesome and can direct your Q.

Yo. NJDSC.org needs some updating:

Rob Andrews and Rush Holt are still listed as NJ Congressmen on the “Party” page. And “Campaigns” lists 2014 candidates, but no 2015 races.

On the “Vote” page, the upcoming election trumpeted is the 2013 General (which I prefer to forget).

One thing not easy to find on the website (unless you already have the URL, it’s not in any pull-down menu) is their upcoming training for operatives (we wrote about it here). The date of the training’s not on the graphic. I’m assuming it’s during the conference.  

Do you know about TownStats.org?

Right now, I’m in a session called Be a Civic Citizen that some of us organized in Flemington, my home town. Our guest speaker is Heather Taylor, a friend and the Communications Director at the very excellent good government organization, The Citizens Campaign.

I’ve preached the Citizens Campaign before; they serve as New Jersey’s leading resource for vibrant civic engagement and good government, and providing both cheerleading and sharp tools for citizens realizing their power. Heather’s leading a training on being a citizen legislator.

She just mentioned a resource you might not know about:  

Occupy Newark’s compelling on-line rollout

The 3-day old Occupy Newark promises a fuller occupation starting Friday, when Councilman Ras Baraka will pitch a tent and join the occupation of the city he helps lead. That will be interesting. Also interesting, the response – so far – by Newark’s finest. Police Chief Sheila Coley saw occupiers Friday at homebase Military Park (across from NJPAC) and said they had a right to protest non-violently. But Occupy Trenton‘s already been to court to fight for First Amendment rights in the capitol city and goes back again, defended by ACLU-NJ Dec. 19. Given that it was ACLU-NJ’s reports of widespread police misconduct that spurred a U.S. Dept. of Justice investigation of Newark police we will all have to watch out for the Newark occupiers, as for all occupiers’ safety. Police are friendly now, but occupiers have to leave the park by 9pm. We hear City Council may address the ban on overnight stay soon. Councilwoman Mildred Crump also expressed support for Occupy.

Donations of food are gratefully accepted, just like at Occupy Trenton. But until occupation of Military Park starts in earnest on Friday, donated food (non-perishables only) goes to help Newark’s homeless (check out this videovideo, which also features Crump). Later, Occupy Newark will need a lot of what OT’s needed; tents, food, money etc. When they have a process, we’ll let you know.

(By the way, Occupy Trenton, Day 47, would love a pizza if anyone wants to have one delivered – they’re at 125 West State Street, outside).

Meantime, I have to say I’m impressed with Occupy Newark’s on-line rollout: www.occupynewark.org. Weirdly, another website also popped up (with a .com address) which Occupy has nothing to do with, trumpeting “Newark Occupy Movement Resources” but chock-full of commercial sponsored links looking vaguely like things occupiers might want. Cool to see corpo forces try to follow Occupy but go visit the real thing.

Among Occupy Newark’s on-line features:

  • Schedule of General Assemblies (where participants decide group moves)
  • Occupy Together link, with resources, FAQ, how-to info.
  • @OccupyNewark Twitter stream.
  • Blog posts & pictures contributed by an IBEW member.
  • Photo of Military Park historical marker detailing the thousands of men who signed up at recruiting tents there during the Civil War. Tents are nothing new at Military Park.
  • Sharp rebuke of Mayor Cory Booker, who they say camped out in a luxurious tent in ON’s homebase of Military Park as a “PR stunt” in 1999, but now says tenting in Military Park is illegal.
  • Contact page (answered quickly) &  donation link.
  • News pull-out quotes shedding light on the economic imperative of the movement.
  • Videos, including announcement of the Nov. 16 birth of Occupy Newark being spread by human microphone at Occupy Wall Street.
  • Link to the mother-ship Occupy Wall Street.

    Enjoy. And Good Luck to Occupy Newark.

  • QoTD: Justin vs. Vineland School District

    Justin Rodriguez, 16-year-old successful plaintiff at the center of  ACLU-NJ’s effort to overturn Vineland School District’s block of websites with LGBT content:

    Seeing all these websites that are considered somehow unacceptable because of something I am was really offensive to me.

    Incredibly, Justin was trying to research on Harvey Milk, one of the nation’s first openly gay elected officials, assassinated by fellow San Francisco city supervisor Dan White. And he found his online access to that info blocked. Censored out. After complaints from students – including Justin – and staff, and following an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request for documents on the matter, Vineland Schools removed their filter.

    Justin’s quote is from an action memo from New Jersey’s ACLU. The national American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sent letters this week to schools in Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania and Virginia demanding they stop LGBT website censorship.

    Does your local school censoring LGBT info from kids by blocking or filtering websites? ACLU-NJ filed OPRA requests this week to request 26 South Jersey school districts’ contracts with internet filtering software providers.

    If you think your school is illegally blocking sites that contain LGBT info, ACLU-NJ wants to know about it. Hit them up here. Meanwhile, congrats to Justin. We love it when teenagers stand up for their rights, and the rights of others.  

    Launching A New Website

    I wanted you to be the first to know that today we’re launching my new website -www.BarbaraBuono.com- which will serve as a hub for information, communications and constituent relations.  I hope this site will not only be useful for the residents of my own district, but for everyone all across New Jersey.

    Often, everyone focuses so much on campaigns and process stories that sometimes people overlook that government provides important services and programs unavailable anywhere else.  So, one particular part of my new website I’m especially excited to unveil is its “Resources” section – which will serve as a one-stop portal for a number of issues facing our state’s residents.  I hope this will serve as a useful tool in answering questions and solving problems. If you think anything can be added that would be helpful to fellow New Jerseyans, I hope you’ll let me know.

    In addition to the Resources section, I’m also excited about how we’re recapping some of the places I get to visit across the 18th District and the state.  When you click on “In the Community”, you can join me as I meet so many people and groups, all with interesting stories to share.   Also, please be sure to visit the Newsroom for all the latest news, clips, blogs and press releases from my office.  

    Transparency, accountability and efficient government are all principles I’ve championed during my time in the state legislature. I know everyone here at Blue Jersey shares my belief that we need to shine a light on the day-to-day business of state government.  As Senate Majority Leader I promise to continue pushing for reforms to clean up the way business gets done in Trenton.

    I’m excited about our new website.  But, I’m just as excited about how advances in technology are revolutionizing the way people communicate. I’ve been on Facebook for a bit and I recently starting tweeting.  I hope you’ll follow me on both social networking sites, so I can keep you in the loop with the latest happenings in Trenton, in my legislative office and at events across the state, as well as with articles and blogs I think might be of interest.

    Right now, we have a unique opportunity to push for meaningful reform in the 214th Legislature. For far too long, state government has come up short in its mission and responsibility of making New Jersey the best state in the nation to live, grow and prosper. There are several areas which have been ignored to-date and which we need to focus on right away – including pension reform, a strong State Comptroller with full audit powers over every tax dollar being spent, and finally addressing New Jersey’s out-of-control property taxes. We simply cannot continue to turn a blind eye and put these issues off any longer. I plan on working with Senate President Sweeney, Speaker Oliver and Governor Christie (along with every single legislator and cabinet member) in tackling these issues head-on.

    I hope you will explore my new website as we move forward in the new legislative session. It is vital that everyone in the progressive community – and on Blue Jersey in particular – remains active in helping us move our state forward. I hope this website opens new lines of communication and dialogue. And I hope you’ll sign up to join our efforts in improving Trenton and making life better for each and every New Jerseyan.    

    Relaunched NJ Governor’s website embraces new media

    We’ll have to see how they use it, but the redesign of the website for the Governor now prominently features links to twitter, facebook and rss feeds. Here’s a screenshot, pointed out by Melli Strategies: (a Blue Jersey advertiser)

    The links are on every page of the site. It’s a very clean design and layout, but still a work in progress as some links don’t work just yet. The site also features a blog, which Governor Corzine didn’t have, that has one post from the day of the inauguration. While the new site has a facebook page, they have to approve you as a friend, rather than having a public fan page as Corzine did. If you’re a new media fan like me, you like seeing the new Governor continue what they started in the campaign when they aggressively used twitter and youtube to communicate and drive their message. No doubt Ron Rice Sr. will think the links to new media on the site and my post pointing them out are a waste of time, but I think it has the potential to make the government more accessible to the people they are charged with serving. It’s too early to tell just how they will use the mediums, but it’s an encouraging start.

    Are you having trouble creating an account at Blue Jersey?

    Hey, we’ve had some emails over the last few hours from new users trying to set up new accounts and running into error messages, or endless requests to copy box after box of verification code. Grrrrr.

    As you can imagine, our traffic’s going through the roof. And we want all you new people to be able to access Blue Jersey and participate. Thanks to the new folks who gave us the heads-up there was a problem, and apologies to anyone having problems. We’re working to get this fixed right now. If you’re having trouble, please shoot us an email and let us know your username (not your password). We’ll get you up and running as soon as we can, and all will be right with the world.

    Christie campaign tries to scrub “mandate-free” from their website… and gets caught

    The Corzine campaign yesterday called out the Christie campaign for once again selectively editing their website to change their stance on issues. We first had this problem when the Christie campaign was “launching their new website” and they magically lost their “Shared Values” section of the site. I don’t know what the excuse is this time, but now we’re missing those magical words of his healthcare plan, “mandate-free”. See the Christie campaign hasn’t learned yet that the google is not their friend, because this thing called the cache actually keeps a record of the tracks you’re trying to cover and hope people won’t realize. mandate-freescreenshotHere’s what the Christie campaign website said, along with a screenshot to back it up:

    Offer “Mandate-Free” Policies. Insurance companies will be permitted to offer “mandate-free” policies. These policies might better fit the needs of some consumers who may not need extravagant benefits, such as young, single consumers.

    But now, magically here is what their website says:

    Chris’ plan will allow for insurance carriers to offer multiple plans in addition to a mandated plan so that people can pick and choose the type of affordable coverage the best fits their personal health care needs. Right now New Jersey has 45 mandates, which drive up the cost of health care plans and make it virtually impossible for some New Jerseyans to afford coverage. By allowing insurance carriers to offer multiple plans with different options, New Jerseyans currently priced out of the market and without insurance will now be able to afford a plan that works to fit their needs. Chris’ plan will reduce the numbers of New Jerseyans currently without health insurance.

    So at the same time he uses his mother and wife as props to help shield him and calls Governor Corzine a liar, his campaign is busy scrubbing any reference to the truth he doesn’t want people to really see. Unfortunately for Christie, technology is still smarter than he and his campaign. Here’s some of the stories his proposals have produced:

    Associated Press: Christie’s plan allows “insurers to offer mandate-free coverage…Two of the mandates involve mammograms.” [AP, 10/4/09]

    Star Ledger: Christie’s plan “would allow any insurer to sidestep mandates, including the one requiring mammogram coverage for young women who have a family history of cancer.” [Tom Moran, Star Ledger, 9/27/09]

    Courier News: Christie advocates a “bare bones insurance policy that would eliminate many mandates…such as mammograms and prostate exams.” [Rick Malwitz, Courier News, 9/23/09]

    His real problem besides technology is that his policy proposal is so unpopular it’s damaging his standing in the polls.  

    Chris Smith on CNET’s Worst Political Websites

    This is funny from CNet (via Political Wire), Rep. Chris Smith is at the top of the list.

    The problem in selecting the most ridiculous, poorly crafted, or just plain bizarre political Web sites is an embarrassment of riches: There are so many worthy contenders. But whatever the criteria, the Web site of Rep. Chris Smith, a New Jersey Republican who’s running for re-election, would qualify. Anyone thinking of putting up a Web site that’s devoid of actual content should skip the project instead on grounds of sheer embarrassment. (We took the accompanying screen snapshot last week. This week, the Web site has changed to become even less useful.)

    This is in stark contrast to Carol Gay’s informative site.

    Watch Stender call Ann Coulter out, and other good stuff in Stender’s new website

    Linda Stender’s website has a nice redesign that’s just being rolled out now. If you missed it the first time around, you can see video on the front page there of Linda Stender on CNN’s Larry King, taking Ann Coulter out to the woodshed for her disgraceful recent slurs on New Jersey’s 9/11 widows. A slam-dunk.

    Also there’s a nice video clip of Ellen Malcolm, the EMILY’s List President, about why Stender was a candidate worth endorsing.

    Blue Jersey raised some solid on-line campaign contributions for Stender just before the March 31 FEC filing deadline. Thank you to all who helped that effort. We’ll be making that ask again this week as the 2nd Quarter FEC filing deadline approaches. And you can always help fuel the Stender campaign – she deserves it – by contributing to her campaign through Blue Jersey’s Act Blue page.