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Is the Governor a “Nefarious Devil?”

In his own words, Hal Bozarth of the Chemistry Council of New Jersey thinks not. That’s why he’s opposed to Senator Diane Allen’s bill to regulate fracking waste in New Jersey. His contention is that a benevolent governor and a compliant Department of Environmental Protection will invariably keep the health of New Jersey citizens in the forefront.

You decide for yourself. Listen to Bozarth’s testimony from earlier today at Senator Bob Smith’s Energy & Environment Committee. Bozarth presents his opposition to the bill, then is grilled by Senator Smith, and concludes with a description on how great fracking is for the people of New Jersey.

Chutzpah Quote of the Day

As reported by Tom Johnson of NJ Spotlight, Hal Bozarth, executive director of the Chemical Council of New Jersey and an opponent of offshore wind development recently said,

“Without big federal subsidies, you cannot make wind power affordable.”

That’s a lot of chutzpah from someone whose industry receives big federal subsidies.

His statement was in response to NRG Energy’s withdrawal from the offshore wind business in New Jersey. NRG’s rationale was the uncertain regulatory climate and the lack of subsidies for offshore wind developers.

How hypocritical that Bozarth is opposed to subsidies for this clean technology. After all, the oil and gas industries, on which Bozarth’s members depend, have received government subsidies for decades. And the taxpayer has been repeatedly called upon to spend billions to clean up oil, gas, and chemical spills and to pay for health care due to chemical pollution of the atmosphere.