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Hey, Gov. Christie, are these kids drug mules too?

Yellow school buses were stacked up and down West State Street as far as the eye could see. Looks like NJ Spotlight called it right, predicting that the vast majority at today’s pro-voucher rally at the State House steps were Catholic school students bused in for the day.

School-choice-rally-1.jpeg nj101.5.comI wonder. Do you think our pro-voucher, Catholic school parent Governor thinks these kids are drug mules too?

You remember this, right? Back from when Christie was gleefully building his national street cred as a bullyboy. Before he blamed that same reputation on the press. The Guv sure didn’t have any trouble calling public school kids drug mules for being the unwitting, cute little messengers of what their teachers and schools needed them to push. In his opinion.

This is big-time stuff, in case you mistook it for some kind of grassroots movement. Today’s rally was coordinated by a PR company called Jaffe Communications, who brag about the expensive-sounding advertising buys in targeted legislative districts, including billboards, bus advertising, and posters. To say nothing of the firm’s coordinated pitch of Op-Eds to news outlets.