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The $6,000 Question: What’s Chris Christie Hiding?

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In September 2013, Chris Christie traveled to Texas, where he sat in luxury suite seats for a Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants game with Cowboys’ owner and billionaire GOP donor Jerry Jones. As Christie related the story this month on his radio call-in show on New Jersey 101.5:

And I remember, over the summer of 2013, we were at the beach house one weekend, and I got a call from Jerry Jones. And he said “Listen, I can’t believe you’ve been a Cowboys fan all these years. I’m a big supporter of yours. I’m thrilled you’re a Cowboys fan. And I hope we get to meet some time. And I said, “Well, actually, I’m gonna be coming to Dallas in September to raise money for the Republican National Committee.” And he said, “Well, if we have a game that weekend, I hope you come.” And I did. I went that weekend with another friend, who brought me to the game.

Serious questions have been raised about Christie’s relationship with Jones and the possibility of improper political interference in the awarding of a lucrative Port Authority contract to Legends Hospitality, a company owned in large part by Jones. On March 19, 2013, Christie and NY Gov. Cuomo issued a joint press release announcing their selection of Legends Hospitality to develop and operate the observation deck at One World Trade Center, and they called on the Port Authority Board of Commissioners to approve the agreement at its meeting the next day.

Call the Governor?

Hot phone callWhen was the last time you got asked by the Democratic State Committee to call Governor Christie? Well, there’s a first time for everything. Today, in response to reports that the governor is setting pre-conditions for radio interviews, State Democratic Chairman John Currie put out the call in an email message to supporters:

This Monday (2/3) at 7 p.m., you have a chance to “Ask the Governor” what he knew and when he knew it. And, what went so very wrong with his administration?

The email goes on to list ways NJ residents can set their own conditions for what they want Christie’s radio appearance to look like:

On New Jersey’s 101.5 FM radio program, there are five ways to “Ask the Governor” a question, which can be found here:

 ▪    Call 800-283-1015

 ▪    Join 101.5’s live interactive blog

 ▪    Text your question by texting “GOV” to 89000. You will receive a bounce back message asking for your question.

 ▪    Twitter: #AskGov

 ▪    You can SUBMIT your question for Gov. Christie in advance.

Is there a cancelled radio appearance in someone’s future?

Did Chris Christie Record an Ad for 101.5?

Just listening to 101.5 in the car on my way to work I heard a interstitial of Governor Chris Christie talking about how some Democratic legislators want to help towns with huge non-profit cemeteries make up for lost tax revenues.  It’s classic Christie, combative and misleading.

But at the end of the piece something weird happens: Christie says, “You’re listening to Town Hall Media” or something similar.  It’s like when musicians come in to a station and do a promo for it.

But that’s a a musician promoting a song or album that the stations plays at no cost to the musician (actually pays the musician in most cases). There’s a quid pro quo involved where both sides know the relationship is financially beneficial.

Christie is the governor, and 101.5 is supposed to be a news and commentary station covering New Jersey politics and news. Is Christie providing some quo in return for the fawning coverage he receives there?  I mean, we know 101.5 is in the tank for the guy but now he’s cutting promos for their parent company?

Hate Radio

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In Europe this week, people are celebrating tolerance and inclusion, as embodied in the election of Anna Grodzka, reportedly the first transgender member of Poland’s Parliament.

In New Jersey, two radio talk-show personalities are having a good laugh at her expense -holding Grodzka up to ridicule and spewing their hatred and ignorance all over the Garden State’s airwaves.

Loretta Weinberg lobbies Christie on 101.5

On last night’s Ask the Governor on 101.5, Chris Christie unloaded a particularly high degree of bullshit. I’m going to highlight the part about women’s health funding, because ballsy Loretta Weinberg called in to personally lobby the governor.

“Loretta in Teaneck” comes on at 22:17, saying she hopes she finds a kinder, gentler governor this time (she does not). She lets him know she reintroduced the bill to restore $7.5 million state funding for women’s health care, which he has thwarted, sidestepped and avoided allowing his Treasurer to explain why the Christie front office thinks funding is unworkable. As soon as Weinberg is off he phone (and Christie has the microphone to himself) he accuses Weinberg of wanting to run NJ “down a rat hole” with your money.

Christie’s false claim that denying this funding – and making Weinberg and other legislative advocates come up with funding alternative after funding alternative, all of which he ignores – as not fiscally responsible is not credible. It’s not that there is no money. It’s about Christie’s funding priorities, which means it’s about Christie’s political ideology (and not, as he claims, about Weinberg’s). Even 101.5’s Eric Scott seems to grasp this. He finds millions for corporate welfare. For glitzy casinos. For white elephant superdupermalls with 600-foot ski slopes (ironically by the same $400 million figure he blew with NJ’s Race to the Top money). Christie’s solution is largely to direct women seeking care to go to hospitals, an obviously non-efficient way to get care, and an unwanted overloaded of non-emergent patients in hospital ERs.

Click the arrow in screen’s lower left, not the middle, to start video.

Christie arrives at 2:28 & starts speaking at 3:20.

Weinberg calls in at 2:28.

Sorry, I couldn’t scrub the ads.

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Happy Birthday Mr. Chairman – But Beware…….

…….This News Could Make You Sick!

Let’s start with the recent Supreme’s ruling on “honest services”. I’m not a lawyer and can’t pass any legal judgment on what this ruling actually means for many of the NJ pols caught in the web created by this federal law. But apparently, this past Friday was Joe Ferriero’s birthday and some Bergen County “worker bees” thought the court ruling was a great gift for their Chairman. Hence Mr. Ferriero’s “Wall” on his facebook page which is available for anyone to see – even if you’re not a “friend” to the former Democratic Chair. A few Ferriero minions, and current employees took time to wish “their Chairman” a happy birthday and to celebrate their joy and implicit hope that he will soon be back! They were almost giddy in their excitement.  Folks like a former Freeholder, a relative of a County Prosecutor, a young employee slated for future promotion, etc.  How disappointing. The legality of Mr. Ferriero’s situation will soon be sorted by the judicial system. But why do so many think that the kind of behavior evidenced by Mr. Ferriero should be celebrated? He and Dennis Oury hid their ownership of a grant consulting company hired by several Bergen communities over which they had an undue influence. Actions which caused embarrassment (and legal expenses) to some of the elected officials in those towns and certainly to our party. A cause for celebration? Certainly for him on a personal basis, but for government and for our party….certainly not!

More News To Make You Feel Sick. Family planning funds! I assume that by now most of you know that the Governor removed every penny of the $7.5 million dollars used to provide health services to uninsured and underinsured women in our state. Outrageous! Along with several of my democratic women colleagues in both the Assembly and the Senate, we’ve been fighting to get these dollars restored. Look back to Thursday’s Assembly Budget Committee hearing on our supplemental bill. Assemblywoman Linda Stender and I appeared along with several advocates and professionals from the family planning centers. There sat Assemblyman and Republican State Chair, Jay Webber! In response to testimony on how many unintended pregnancies are avoided through services provided by these agencies, (yep, that means birth control) Republican State Chair Jay Webber went on to say how offended he was about reducing the cost of children who could have been been born had these families not avoided pregnancy. Children important to our future. This is the second decade of the 21st Century and I was sitting there in my “mature” years arguing about uninsured women’s right to practice birth control! An issue that was fought and won early in the last century. Outrageous indeed!! In watching the clip of my “exchange” with the Republican State Chair, my anger is evident, but not nearly as evident as what I felt.  Where are the good Republican women (and some of the great guys who sit alongside them)? They must speak out against moving  women back to a time when they had so little control over their reproductive lives. This is not about abortion. It is about access to birth control.

And then there was the clip of the Governor on 101.5 being questioned by Eric Scott about women’s health services as he protested several times “this has nothing to do with mammograms” or with women’s health. HIV testing, breast exams, birth control, pap smears, pre-natal exams, and pregnancy counseling has nothing to do with women’s health? How insulting. He went on to argue that he supposed these funds were “not important” or they would have been reinstated. What crass treatment of the women of New Jersey. We will be fighting this today during our Senate and Assembly sessions. I am confident we will have the necessary votes to move the bill. However, without the help of Republican women, we will not have the votes to override a possible veto by the Governor. The bill makes it clear that the money cannot and will not be used for abortion services, and it provides a clear funding source without addition to the bottom line of the budget. Maybe the Governor will hear from enough women across the state so he will join us in recognizing that these programs are not Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Liberal programs. They are about Women’s Health!

And so today is the time when we stand up for our core ideals and vote on a Republican constructed budget which cuts taxes for millionaires and increases taxes for low income workers in New Jersey. A budget which makes New Jersey one of only 5 or 6 states that does not fund family planning centers. A budget which cuts school and municipal aide by hundreds of millions of dollars, increases the cost of commuting on our buses and rails, does away with senior property tax rebates, and increases a myriad of fees. Enough to make all of us sick.

One bright spot of the week was Saturday night’s elegant Garden State Equality Dinner.  Great to watch Senators Nia Gill, Ray Lesniak and former Senator Bill Baroni being inducted into the Garden State Hall of Fame. Even sweeter joining Senator Frank Lautenberg on stage as he received the “Loretta Weinberg Lifetime Achievement Award” (that was a shameless commercial) and announced to the 600 folks in the audience that the Docs said his cancer was in remission. Hooray, and may he continue his outstanding service for many more years to come!

On 101.5 Hating Blacks is Bad, Hating Gays is Great Radio

Oh, 101.5, you just can’t help yourselves, can you? Promoted from the diaries – – Rosi

Yesterday during the commute I was listening to the Jersey Guys on 101.5 fm and actually a little proud of them.  It wouldn’t last.

They were discussing a dumbass from south Jersey who screamed racial epithets at a couple black guys driving a BMW.  The dumbass was on probation for earlier lighting a cross on fire, and the Jersey Guys — in particular Casey — were of the opinion that dumbass should get jail time.

Most of the callers were on the same message, until a couple came in suggesting that the dumbass’s behavior wasn’t so bad.  Casey interrupted and yelled and shouted down the caller until the caller said, “We’ll have to agree to disagree.”

And that’s when the real Jersey Guys came out, with Casey going nuts, “I’ll never agree to disagree!  That’s limped wristed pansy stuff!”  

He then began to speak with an exaggerated lisp as a way of mocking the “manhood” of the caller.  It was an astonishing display of bigotry in the midst of a radio segment allegedly railing against bigotry.  

Apparently for 101.5 it’s just horrible to be a racist bigot, but being a homophobic bigot is just great radio!