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“World” – CD3 Aimee Belgard’s 2nd ad. Thoughts?

In CD3, Burlington County Freeholder Aimee Belgard is running against Tom MacArthur, who until recently was a North Jersey resident, and the mayor of the Morris County town of Randolph. He moved south when he heard Rep. Runyan wouldn’t seek re-election. His people go into defensive mode when the carpetbagger issue is raised, claiming he has some long running relationship with Ocean and Burlington counties through charities he’s involved with. I don’t know whether that’s going to be enough of a touchstone in CD3 voters’ real lives; they’ll tell us in November.

Here’s an ad from Aimee Belgard – her 2nd – that draws attention to the differences she sees between the voters she knows best in her own county and Ocean, and MacArthur’s positions. It’s not only that MacArthur is a carpetbagger (that word’s not spoken here). The “otherness” highlighted is far greater, suggesting a “CEO” who can afford to be insulated – and vote wrong on – some of the issues of critical importance to voters, especially to women. Equal pay for equal work. Reproductive choice.

This is Belgard’s second ad. Called “World.” What do you think, Blue Jersey?


While this isn’t only New Jersey, there are plenty of voters throughout our state who may be suffering from Romnesia. Check out the President diagnosing the illness and then identifying the cure:

If you know any New Jersey voters suffering from Romnesia, share this message with them before Election Day on November 6.

The Wake Up Wal-Mart Holiday Campaign: Ad #2

This December, Wake Up Wal-Mart is going all out with our annual Holiday Campaign to awaken America’s largest retailer to its responsibilities. Here is a peek at our second TV ad for 2008’s holiday season:

Titled Wal-Mart: America Just Can’t Afford It Any Longer, the ad focuses on the hidden costs of shopping at Wal-Mart:

Menendez vs. McCain on Equal Pay for Women

Senator Menendez on the Republican filibuster of equal pay legislation:  

“Who would have thought that in the year 2008, when the odds are good that our next president will either be a woman or an African American, an effort to ensure fair pay for everyone in our society would be blocked in the United States Senate?  It should never matter whether you are a man or a woman, what you look like, or how you worship when it comes to getting equal pay for equal work. A woman gets paid 77 cents for every dollar a man does. The glass ceiling might be a little bit higher than it was–but it’s still there.

“Senate Republicans have to explain to the American people how they can support this type of discrimination and how they can deny fair wages, particularly as many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck in the midst of this economic tailspin.”

The bill is blocked despite 56 positive votes.  By the way, this is not even new policy, the bill would close a loophole created by the conservative Supreme Court last year.  Pay discrimination is already illegal, but the Court says if you don’t find out about it right away, you have no recourse.  Quite a trick by Scalia and friends.  

John McCain opposes the equal pay legislation (though he didn’t bother to vote).  He did, however, propose yet another tax break for companies today.  

Even if your favorite Presidential candidate doesn’t get the nomination, think about having McCain appoint the next Supreme Court justice.