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Bring On The Carpetbaggers

The holy grail of any democracy is the ability of citizens to vote for the candidate of their choice. Some people vote on whether they agree or disagree with the candidate’s platform, but that’s not the only criterion for choosing one person over another.

People may vote for someone based on good looks, ethnicity, past movie star or athletic status, or even the spelling of his or her name. But one criterion that restricts a voter’s choice is the place where the candidate happens to live. That needs to be changed.

Assemblyman Pete Biondi 1942-2011

Pete Biondi Assemblyman Pete Biondi, who served the 16th Legislative District for 13 years, has died.

Biondi, a Republican, was just re-elected to office on Tuesday.  He and running mate Jack Ciaterelli beat Democratic challengers Marie Corfield and South Brunswick Councilman Joe Camarota. Corfield, the Hunterdon teacher who confronted Chris Christie  a year ago in a Christie-produced ‘YouTube moment’ the GOP circulated widely, was interviewed earlier this evening by Deciminyan at the NJEA teachers’ convention in Atlantic City, before this news broke.