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NJ Assemblyman (R-1%) Has Some Advice for OWS

Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Trenton: a guy who represents some of the wealthiest towns in the United States has some advice for you.

Jon Bramnick of Westfield, who represents towns like Chatham, Millburn, and Warren, has this to say:

“Blocking traffic and clogging sidewalks creates confusion and disruption, but won’t produce a single job or help the economy.

“If protesters want to get their point across, they should knock off the stupid stuff and demonstrate without violence and mayhem.”

He apparently subscribes to the Stephen Colbert theory that linking arms and protesting in public constitutes “violence and mayhem.”

And, to point out the obvious – the fact that a random state assembly member is putting out press responding to OWS – means that they are getting their point across.

Thanks for the validation, Assemblyman!

NJ Nets & NBA: Dysfunction and Excess Among the 1%

Not a pretty picture: Millionaire players and mega millionaire owners duke it out over money while the rest of us who enjoy professional basketball are relegated to dark screens and closed arenas. What with the high ticket costs and concession prices, attending this sport, as with football and hockey, is becoming increasingly an event for the wealthy.  Exhibition games were supposed to have begun this month, but as of now the season has been cancelled through the end of november.

Wealthy players and owners are arguing over how to divide up the revenue and whether to lower salary caps.  In fact the sport has become more about money than the game, driving away fans of modest means, particular in low income cities like Newark where people love basketball but watch it on TV if they can afford their cable bills.

The solution is to reduce player salaries and owner profits so that tickets become more affordable. What a novel idea!  So great an idea that undoubtedly the 1% nationally will reduce their own exorbitant salaries and excessive profits.  A  nice thought for a snowy Saturday when electric power just went off.