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Quote of the Day comes from Rush Holt, writing at NJ350:

“In my office in West Windsor I display a small, glass-covered display box that a friend made and gave me. Inside is a doll-sized Albert Einstein, recognizable by his bushy moustache and the iconic fly-away white hair.  On the outside in all capital letters it reads: “BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.”  Everyone finds the curio amusing because all know Einstein has become the symbol for the universal wise man.  How did we come to view Einstein with such awe – as far more than an acclaimed physicist, even as someone who could solve any crisis, if only we would break the glass and set him free?


“If he were looking today, would Einstein move here?  Are we eagerly developing the new thinking that will take us into the future?  Some days I want to break the glass in the small display case in my office to see if Einstein’s attitude would flourish still in New Jersey and America.”

The above is just a snippet from a longer piece by Holt, about Albert Einstein and the claim on him by Princeton (in Holt’s CD12), and by New Jersey. For years, he was ours. What drew him here? Would New Jersey still draw him now? Read Holt on that.

Mr. Einstein Goes to Trenton

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One of the great things about studying New Jersey’s history, and more specifically, Trenton’s history, is that most people simply don’t know it. Yes, my high school students know that our state and its capital city were at the “Crossroads of the Revolution.” Today numerous plaques and signs attest to where Washington slept, where his troops clashed and where they dashed – usually in retreat. But that’s about it. Otherwise, if you ask most Americans, they would tell you that New Jersey’s role in national or international history isn’t really worth noting. Sure, many surely tell you, though the state is old, its history doesn’t compare with the drama of, say, the Civil War inferno that decimated Virginia’s capital of Richmond or the Japanese 1941 Attack on Hawaii’s capital, Honolulu.

Our collective attitude towards Trenton is reflected in the dismal condition we find our state capital in. Though Trenton is a small city, aside from a five or six block long historic corridor along State Street, its schools are literally rotting, its streets are reeling from a violent crime wave, its people suffering from horrendous poverty and unemployment. And it’s only early March. Only God knows how much the situation will deteriorate in the unforgiveable Jersey heat of the coming summer months.

Caption Contest: Knock Knock. Is Albert Home?

I like any diary at Blue Jersey where I get to list the following diary tags: Rush Holt, Marie Corfield, Maureen Vella, Albert Einstein. This weekend the congressman was out campaigning with the 16th District Democratic challengers and they stopped by Albert Einstein’s house in Princeton, which redistricting added to the LD-16 footprint this year.

Caption contest?

Knock, Knock. Is Albert home>