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Just how much does money corrupt politics?

One of the best lectures I’ve ever heard – ever, on any subject – was presented by Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig at Netroots Nation 2008 in Austin (watch the 2nd video clip at this link, and see part of what I mean). Lessig spoke of the corrosive effect of money in politics – real and perceived – which led him to launch Change Congress (later Fix Congress First), which has evolved into Rootstrikers.org, “a network of activists fighting the corrupting influence of money in politics.”

He has now written a book, “Republic, Lost: A Declaration of Independence,” setting forth his conclusions about how extensively money has corrupted politics. And it couldn’t be better timed, as noted by Huffpost:

The protesters occupying Wall Street have been famously without a formal manifesto. But if they wanted one, firebrand Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig’s new book about how money has corrupted Congress might be a contender.

And, he’s coming to New Jersey to talk about it. This Monday, October 17th at 7:30 at Ramapo College, Trustees Pavilion in Mahwah, Lessig will present “The Best Government Money Can Buy” – a free lecture co-sponsored by North Jersey Public Policy Network, BlueWave NJ and the Ramapo College Department of Law and Society. The event is part of the North Jersey Public Policy Network’s Distinguished Expert Series.

I’ll be there. And, if you want to have your mind blown by one of the leading thinkers in America, on an issue of the utmost importance to our democracy, you may just want to join me.