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QOTD: Christie Promises Vigilante Justice

Here’s a good line from Chris Christie:

“If you’re getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it. As of January 2017, I will enforce the federal laws.”

– Gov. Chris Christie (R), quoted by Politico.

Since there’s no way Christie’s gonna be President in January 2017, I guess he’s planning on taking matters into his own hands.  

Wonder what he’s going to do with the federally illegal medical marijuana in his own state?

NJ Married Couple’s Pre-Wedding Photo Used To Blast Marriage Equality

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Apparently the "conservative" bigots at the "nonprofit" group Public Advocate of the United States think that two men kissing is so icky that a photo of it mailed to Colorado voters will turn the tide against marriage equality supporting Republican State Senator Jean White. Here’s the mailer:


One little, itsy bitsy problem here: that's an actual couple's photo that the idiots at public advocate had no rights to. And they’re getting sued.

Thomas Privitere and Brian  Edwards of Montclair, New Jersey, had no idea that the image, which was  taken shortly before their 2010 wedding, was being used for political  purposes until a friend spotted it in the Daily News a day  after the primary. The pair, along with their photographer, are suing  the group for copyright infringement and misappropriating their  likeness.    

“We are heartbroken that our images may have been seen by gay and  lesbian youth in Colorado and were left feeling ashamed of their sexual  orientation because of it,” Privitere said. “We hope that this group is  held accountable for its reprehensible and hateful anti-gay attacks.”


The PAoUS folks are not only stupid, they’re liable.

Governor must lead charge for sane gun laws

Anybody waiting for The former law-and-order man to be a leader for sensible gun laws and protection from Aurora-style massacres are going to be disappointed to see him once again put impressing his national party over the welfare of his constituents. But I see nothing wrong with promoting a law professor and state senate candidate reminding Christie of the leadership he has the opportunity now to show us. — promoted by Rosi

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One moment Americans are living their lives. The next, those lives are cut down by another senseless act of cowardly violence. This all-too-familiar story has played out across our country from commuter trains and college campuses to supermarkets and all manner of tragic points in between. In my town of Montclair, we still remember with collective horror the 1995 post office shooting that left two postal workers and two customers dead.

Now fear has struck our movie theaters. The theater in Aurora was a mere 12 miles from the suburban high school in Littleton – Columbine – that served as a dark and painful wake-up call to such senseless gun violence those many years ago.

But sadly, the gun violence our country continues to experience day in and day out has yet to lead to a renewed, sustained and successful call for tougher gun-control laws.

In fact, as the body counts attributed to senseless gun violence rack up, gun-control laws like the ones aimed at holding irresponsible gun manufacturers accountable die in Congress under a flood of NRA money. Some Democrats have made modest attempts to lead, introducing legislation to reauthorize the expired federal assault weapons ban.

Campaign cash and divisive rhetoric prevent progress. With firm Republican opposition, those bills have no real chance of success in gaining passage. Few Republicans have the policy differences and the ear of the leadership to help break the hold of the gun lobby. Few can help break through to help enact common-sense gun-control laws.

But there’s one Republican who has clout in his party who strikes a somewhat different tone.

Governor Christie.

Jared Polis in NJ for Ed Potosnak

Ed Potosnak & Jared Polis
Polis & Potosnak

Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado was in New Jersey last night at an out-of-district event in Hoboken to raise money for NJ-7 repeat challenger Ed Potosnak.

Among the 30-plus attendees were DNC Executive Committee member Babs Casbar Siperstein and Hudson Stonewall Democrats founder Bob Zuckerman.

Polis spoke about the importance of the 7th District and why it’s a key to taking back the House in 2012. Of course, we don’t know how the 7th will be reconfigured after congressional redistricting, and the possibility New Jersey will be redrawn to force a showdown between a Republican and Democratic incumbent in central Jersey is very real.

At the moment in the current 7th, we’re looking at a primary on the Democratic side, with Potosnak, the candidate in 2010 competing for the nomination with Jun Choi, former mayor of Edison.

And there’s an interesting wrinkle there. Choi has been telling potential supporters that he was drafted to challenge GOP incumbent Leonard Lance by the DCCC itself. That may be true, certainly. But it is Jared Polis who chairs DCCC’s Red to Blue program, which NJ-7 Dem challengers, like Linda Stender, have been chosen for before, and the District is likely to receive that program’s boost and attention in 2012.

Christie outs Oliver as his puppet in secret Koch Bros. meeting we weren’t supposed to know about

News broke today of Gov. Chris Christie’s remarks – with audio – claiming he protected Sheila Oliver’s position as Speaker with the promise of GOP votes if she couldn’t get Democrats, in exchange for her support to post the Christie-Sweeney-Oliver pen-ben bill and shepherd votes. His remarks came at a meeting in Colorado Christie took pains to cover up – failing to disclose it, its hosts (far-right oil billionaire Koch brothers) or even his out-of-state travel that day. No matter which account you believe – if either – what we learned today confirms something is very wrong in the way decisions are made in New Jersey.  

The 4 hour-plus time lag before an Oliver denial of Christie’s story concerns me. If Christie’s story was bullshit, you’d expect her to say so immediately. First, Oliver’s late-day statement – a humdinger:

“The assertions that Gov. Christie has made, they are outright lies. Outright lies. I am beginning to wonder if Gov. Christie is mentally deranged,” Oliver said. “At no time did I ever, ever pick up the telephone, call Gov. Christie and ask him to quote ‘save my leadership.’ ” The governor was engaged in a chest-thumping vaudeville entertainment session in front of the Republican donors, she said. “I don’t expect to call him at all,” she said. “I think it’s disgraceful.”

Mentally deranged, she calls Christie. This story may unleash a war of words between the GOP governor and the Democratic Speaker, a breaking of the confederacy between them that has infuriated so many Democrats. And it may mean that the compliance Christie counts on from Oliver may be cracking as Oliver attempts to save herself from political embarrassment. Though, it’s impossible to miss that Oliver expended her energy distancing herself from political allegations from the Governor; she still hasn’t said anything worth reporting about her role pushing pen-ben, in defiance of core principles. The possibility that Oliver may now wiggle out from under Christie’s thumb and begin to lead as she was elected to do, keeps us from calling for her ouster from leadership.