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Ray Lesniak Is Smiling Right Now

After claiming that she didn’t know her kids were getting free lunches, even though she acknowledged filling out the forms for it, it appears Elizabeth Board of Education President Marie Munn has been arrested for stealing from the federal government.  And, not for nothing, from the Elizabeth schools she is supposed to be helping.

It’s funny how often the “reformers” who scream about corruption get caught up in corruption scandals.  A lot like the homophobes who get caught with male prostitutes, the abstinence preachers who got knocked up out of wedlock, or the anti–government funding candidates who got rich through government funding.  Not that they are hypocrites.

Munn’s mortal enemy, State Senator and Union County power broker Ray Lesniak, is hoisting a drink right about now.

UPDATE: PoliticsNJ is reporting that the total cost to the schools was $3,946.  Amazing how little it takes to bring a potential power broker down.

A Battle Royale is Brewing in Elizabeth

Last primary day one of the biggest battles were the “reform” Democrats led by the Christie-loving Elizabeth Board of Education and the “establishment” Democrats led by Ray Lesniak and Joe Cryan.

Despite winning the primary, Lesniak actually lost Elizabeth in the primary which has to gall him.  It’s his home town, and he still lives there even after all his success.  And he’s friends and support with the Mayor of Elizabeth, Chris Bollwage, the next target.

Recently Lesniak even floated Bollwage for Governor, and idea that had to have originated with Lesniak because pretty much no one ever considered it.  But in raising the idea Lesniak also raises Bollwage’s image which isn’t going to hurt in 2012 when he runs for reelection.