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The Clearwater comes to Alpine

Last nite I witnessed something extraordinary and heartening.  I was at a special campfire in Alpine NJ, along the Hudson below the Palisades.  The campfire was a collaboration between the Clearwater ship of Pete Seeger fame and the Palisades Interstate Park’s NJ Section.  The Clearwater often docks at the Alpine Boat Basin while traveling up and down the Hudson and giving their environmental programs and sails for the public.  The sloop houses a wonderful crew of young folks who live on the boat and not only care for its upkeep, but teach young people how to sail and about the health and ecology of the Hudson river.  It is NOT an easy job. It is, like the Peace Corps – the toughest job you’ll ever love.  One week on the Clearwater is a physical workout like Cory Booker has never seen.  The huge sails are raised by human strength alone.  The sleeping quarters are not much different than they were over a hundred years ago when these boats plied the waters of the Hudson .  No modern conveniences, but that is part of the charm.