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CD03: Is GOP’s Tom MacArthur that hard up for volunteers?

Blind item: We hear that Tom MacArthur’s people are approaching the unpaid interns of Democrat Aimee Belgard at public events and offering to pay them ten bucks an hour to come over and work for MacArthur.

You’ll remember MacArthur was mayor of Randolph in North Jersey until a few months ago when Jon Runyan’s congressional seat suddenly went up for grabs. MacArthur’s people try to bat away the “carpetbagger’ charge by insisting he was involved in an Ocean County charity ‘for years.’ Good for him. But maybe he didn’t get to meet enough people. Or something.

No doubt Tom MacArthur has lots of money, but if you look closely, like Bill Orr did, the numbers tell a story:

GOP’s Tom MacArthur self-loaned the most of all the candidates for Congress. In both parties: $3 million. But he’s only raised $118,930 in individual contributions. Meanwhile …

Dem Aimee Belgard’s the open seat Dem who’s got the most cash-on-hand: $615,995.

Is MacArthur that hard up for volunteers? And dude, $10 an hour? Really?

Somebody ought to say Thank You to Aimee Belgard’s rockin’ interns.

So I just did.

Starring the Menendez for Senate Interns (want to be one?)

Yesterday we frontpaged a provocative post by John McCarthy decrying the disaffection of Millennials (and placing some blame for it). The numbers say that’s all true.

There are exceptions. And 14 of them are interns at Menendez for Senate. Here’s a quick little low-tech vid of some of them, and why they decided to be there. Now, Menendez is looking for more interns. Want to be one? Or know somebody who might? I’ll post the requirements for prospective Menendez for Senate interns – and how to follow up – on the jump page.

Got White House interns?

This is a little unusual a thing for us to talk about here. We don’t usually make ourselves about doing the Democrats’ business for them, but this just came across my desk and started throwing sparks.

The White House is looking for interns.

Usually, these kinds of notices go out along infrastructural party lines – Dems email Dems, GOPs call other GOPs. But this notice was forwarded to me by an activist – labor rights & healthcare advocate and Plainfield community activist (Blue Jersey community member) DottieG. And she got it through another activist who is about as hooked in to the infrastructural Democrats as anyone I know personally – Babs Casbar (who blogs here as Babs NJSD). Babs, a businesswoman, climbed into her position in the Democratic Party strictly through her activism on gay and transgender rights. Babs is a former NJ Stonewall Dems president, now Dep. Vice Chair of NJDSC. But nationally, she’s also the first transgender person ever appointed to the DNC, and now vice-chairs the Eastern DNC caucus. (She’s still the onlytransgender member of the DNC).

So, given that this call for young interns landed in my inbox via these two Jersey girls, I thought – – why shouldn’t the call for White House interns – a plum get for any young politico – go through progressive lines and not just party lines?

Want to work at the White House next Spring? Have an accomplished young activist to recommend? Jump and I’ll tell you how.