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Tables Turned?

Pelosi apparently has a surprisingly cohesive group of Ds in the House. Reid said uncharacteristically blunt things about the Republican offers and actually shot it down. Obama spoke with Boehner and afterward Boehner snuck out a back door.  McCain is begging – please dont humiliate his party.

Uh, being an Eagle fan I am afraid to jinx an developing win … but, have the tables turned?  Are the Ds finally ready to spike the ball?  

Maybe I have been watching too much House Of Cards, but lets tell Boehner that if he puts our clean bill on the floor, with all the Sequester OUT… our people will vote for him as speaker when the Tea Party tries to oust him.  

Does Christie Want the State Government to Shut Down?

Like his comrades in the national Republican Party, Chris Christie puts his own political ambition ahead of what’s good for his constituents. And shutting down state government for a week or so will endear Christie in the eyes of his government-hating fellow travelers. If there’s no budget in place by June 30, that’s what will happen.

Never mind the fact that a shutdown will cost the taxpayers more in the long term. Never mind the fact that only essential services like State Police and Atlantic City gambling inspectors (yes, they are on the “essential” list) will continue on the job. Never mind the added inconvenience, pain, and misery that a shutdown will impose on “non-essential” workers and the general public. A shutdown will endear Christie to the skeptical Tea Partiers of the GOP going into the Tampa Convention.

Of course, Christie can’t make his plan that obvious. So he will continue with the kabuki dance with the legislature, saying that he’s willing to compromise out of one side of his mouth while drawing a line in the sand on rescinding the tax breaks that were given to millionaires.

We need a governor who governs. The next election can’t come soon enough.

Rush Holt on Budget

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On August 1, while John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and their colleagues were threatening to shut down the government, Rush Holt gave a speech describing the budget debate as:

at its heart, a debate between two visions for America. One side envisions rebuilding our country, investing in jobs and education and infrastructure, and rising from the Great Recession as a stronger and more resilient Nation. The other side accepts a pessimistic vision of a weakened America with a shrunken government-a Nation hampered by deep cuts to the safety net and hobbled by a refusal to invest in our future.

I couldn’t agree more. And, like the Honorable Representative from the 12th District, I hold with the former.

Here’s the full text, after the jump, of his August 1, 2011 speech. It will be in the Congressional Record as soon as it is updated – assuming, of course, that funds will be budgeted for updating and maintaining the Congressional Record.