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Pascrell’s No Russian DACHA Act

Well, it’s convenient that Rep. Bill Pascrell’s latest legislation features a nifty acronym; one that will have less educated readers than you hitting up their dictionaries. Today, Pascrell introduced the No Russian DACHA Act. A dacha, as you know from…
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Christie lawyers up – who gets that bill?

Of course, they’re not calling it that. The Christie front office puts it like  this:

Today, the Christie Administration announced the retention of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP to assist with the internal review announced by Governor Christie last week and to further cooperate with the U.S. Attorney inquiry. As part of the review process, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP will review best practices for office operations and information flow, and assist with document retention and production.

Yeah. That horse has already left the barn. We’re a little late in the game for determining “best practices” unless the Christie administration is willing to chase the idea that massive misuse of government power and resources for apparent gotcha politics, plus months of mockery and cover-up, are not “best practices”. But first they’d have to admit that’s what the now public (but still redacted) emails suggest they were doing.

But Christie’s still playing like the earnest outraged exec surrounded by lying pranksters. Like he wants to find out what happened as much as we do (even after months of displaying no curiosity about it whatsoever). The statement says Christie will conduct an internal review to uncover the facts surrounding the lane closures in Fort Lee. “Uncover the facts?” Looks to me like the administration has been busy covering up the facts since September. And no …

Why Natural Gas is NO Cure for Climate Change

Promoted by Rosi. Listen live to Senate fracking discussion.

Update: I added a new NASA link on the science of methane:  

Here are the things I want The NJ Senate Environment Committee to think about before they are asked to vote on the fracking ban today.

NASA recently came out with a study that methane – which is released from natural gas well drilling, is 25 times more potent a greenhouse gas – than CO2 in affecting Climate Change. And yet every day I hear politicians who claim to be for solving the Climate Change problem bring up Natural Gas as a solution.  I know NASA can be very technical and difficult to understand, but our elected officials need to understand this.  ASAP.  I am tired of shouting at my TV at elected officials with the power to make very bad decisions who spout ill-informed glowing assessments of how natural gas will save us.

Levels of methane had been stable for years until 2007 – when the shale gas boom started.  Here is another article from  NASA in 2004 about methane BEFORE the huge increase that goes into a lot of detail about the science: http://www.giss.nasa.gov/resea…

Let me repeat and emphasize: Methane is not better than CO2 for Climate Change – it is worse. Natural Gas should not be part of any Climate Change solution for the simple reason that it is part of the problem.  For years the methane levels stayed the same – but since the fracking boom it has jumped suddenly.  Which may be part of the reason we are seeing  surprising climate shifts so much earlier than expected.

For years scientists were concerned about methane – mainly the vast stores of it under the frozen arctic that would be released by a warming ocean. But we need to address the component now being released by wanton gas drilling.

Clocks start again on NJ foreclosures

New Jersey continues to be the ‘Wild West’ of foreclosure consulting. Hair stylists are required to undergo more government scrutiny than foreclosure consultants.

                                                    – Asm Gary Schaer, Passaic

Gary Schaer says families faced with homelessness are turning to foreclosure consultants and ‘rescue firms’ in a last-ditch effort to hold onto their homes. Unfortunately, he says, some of them are nothing more than fronts for elaborate schemes to rob homeowners of their hard-bought equity. Schaer’s the sponsor of the Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Prevention Act (A-359), which passed both houses unanimously, and has been waiting for the Governor’s signature since June 29, when it got final legislative approval.

The bill requires foreclosure consultants and distressed property purchasers who contract with owners of residential properties in financial distress to adhere to certain practices in providing foreclosure prevention services to owners.

Among the bill’s provisions are some rules for short-sales. In short-sales, the generally accepted percentage banks try to recoup is 82% of the fair market value. Schaer’s legislation advocates parity; that vulnerable homeowners should get the same renumeration as the big banks. He calls this a necessary protection, given that many property owners have received just pennies on the dollar for their distressed property – and sometimes nothing at all.

In December, NJ Supreme Court Chief Justice Stuart Rabner ruled that 6 of the state’s biggest lenders had to demonstrate they were treating homeowners fairly during foreclosure proceedings.  The order slowed filings in the first half of this year to a near halt. A ruling Monday in NJ Superior Court allows many of the state’s biggest mortgage providers to continue with foreclosure proceedings.

A lot of New Jersey families are living on the brink. It’s obviously in the best interest of the state to tighten up regulations that impact anything as serious as foreclosure. The bill’s been sitting on Christie’s desk for weeks. New Jersey Citizen Action and NJ Legal Services both back it. Support’s also come from the NJ Bankers Association, NJ Realtors Association, and NJ Land Title Association. The NJ Department of Banking and Insurance has urged legislators to sign it. Christie should either sign it, or come up with reasons why not.

Clock’s ticking.