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My Bro, Phil

Welcoming back Blue Jersey alum Brian, anytime he shows up. Promoted by Rosi. My first year in college was quite the, I guess, on-the-spot civics lesson. Due to several events that happened that year (2011), I became a rare millennial…
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Christie tries to govsplain developing Exxon scandal, goes after Campbell

When Gov. Christie’s back is to the wall because of problems/issues/mistakes/scandals/random crap that arises on his watch – or due to his own direct policy and decisions, Christie reverts to type. He blames others, and by name to avoid dirt sticking to him. Where, frankly, it often belongs.

And so it is that we get Christie’s statement of today as the Exxon Mobil controversy reaches critical mass and national news. This is Chris Christie trying to govsplain away what he just got caught doing, by trying to throw Bradley Campbell – who was commissioner of NJ DEP when the Exxon lawsuits were filed and wrote this in the N Y Times yesterday – under the bus.

Hat/tip Kevin Riordan of the Philadelphia Inquire. Try to contain your lunch:  

QOTD: Giant GN3 Edition

Check out the big brain on Kevin Riordan over at the Philadelphia Inquirer. On Sunday he called major BS on South Jersey Democrat power broker George Norcross III, who is pushing privatization efforts across Camden. This bit comes from the paper’s Sunday Edition, but the whole thing is worth reading.

“In the last 25 years, it’s fair to say Camden has gotten, in large part, not better but worse,” (Norcross) says. “Many would argue it’s gotten remarkably worse.”

He’s right. Many would.

Many also would argue that “the political establishment” and “leadership” in the city have long been wholly owned subsidiaries of the Camden County Democratic organization.

You know, that sophisticated, impressively financed operation with which Norcross has been synonymous for . . . pretty much 25 years, if not longer.

The organization’s hallmarks include an almost uncanny ability to sniff out and snuff out (or, at least, co-opt) any competition – the sort of competition he now finds so lacking in, say, the school system.

Norcross doesn’t particularly care for my observation, but he’s not about to lose his cool.

Plus, he has a pretty good comeback.

“If I was so influential in Camden’s government over decades,” he says, “it would look a hell of a lot better than it does today.”

So much for the pretty good part.

“There was no [Democratic] machine in the city of Camden,” he insists. “No such thing.”

…and…. scene.