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Suckerberg: Facebook’s $100 Million Education Donation Chiseled By Consultants

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 On Tuesday night Ras Baraka won Newark's mayoral electionall but formally ending the Cory Booker era. With the power of grass roots and union support Baraka overcame Booker's chosen establishment backed successor Shavar Jeffries. Though Booker has already gone on to continue hyping himself in the US Senate, his legacy in Newark has yet to be cleansed.

One of the signature achievements of Mayor Booker was a press coup where he announced on Oprah that Facebook Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg was giving Booker and his cronies $100 million to help Newark's struggling school children. The donation came around the release of The Social Network, a film critical of Zuckerberg and was widely seen as a transparent attempt to bolster Zuckerberg's public image.

Ultimately the ACLU of New Jersey would win a lawsuit against Booker to force emails between Facebook and Booker hacks to become public. In the emails Facebook COO Sherly Sandberg warned Team Booker that the people of Newark were not being looped in to the process and that a lack of “building community support” was one of her concerns. She was right to worry.

Note to Christie: Those who live by the accountability sword will die by the accountability sword.

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From the moment he was sworn in four years ago, Gov. Christie has been on a personal jihad against public education, unions and teachers. Labeling us “greedy” and “selfish”, and our apartheid schools in high-poverty districts as “failure factories”, he’s done everything possible to brainwash the general public into thinking our schools are overrun with bad teachers who must be held accountable.

He succeeded in getting a new evaluation system passed (my district uses Danielson)* that now tracks every pencil stroke of a student against their teacher. No stone is left unturned as administrators evaluate everything from how a teacher greets her students at the door, to whether students are able to solve their own social problems. And forget about expecting to be found ‘highly effective’ (a score of 4 on a 1-4 scale). Every teacher in New Jersey has been spoon-fed the mantra, “live in 3; vacation in 4”. To be highly effective, students pretty much have to teach themselves and solve their own problems. So, if you are a highly effective teacher, you essentially teach yourself into obsolescence. And yea, that’s totally reasonable, especially with kindergarteners.

Fight Back Against the Assault on Public Education: Dec. 9 Day of Action

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National Day of ActionThe assault on public education isn’t confined to Newark or Montclair or Highland Park or Camden. Not confined to Chris Christie’s New Jersey. It’s a national phenomenon and countering it will take a national pushback. The beginning of that pushback just could be Dec. 9 when a national coalition of educational, parent, community and civic groups launch “A National Day to Reclaim the Promise of Public Education.”

At a teleconference yesterday, Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, outlined plans for a coordinated “day of action” in cities and towns throughout the country, most of them aimed at enlisting parents and community members in the fight against the corporate takeover of public education.

“We’re reclaiming the collaboration we have always had with parents in support of all public school students,” Weingarten said. She added the National Education Association also is a partner in the effort that she hopes will be followed up by sustained efforts to keep public education well-funded and out of private control.

New Jersey organizations in the coalition include the Newark Teachers Union (NTU), the Education Law Center, and New Jersey Communities United.

The EduScam So Far: A Primer for the New Jersey Press Corpse

With few exceptions the New Jersey Press Corpse has been playing dead and not covering “education reform” (school privatization). But now that former lobbyist for the for-profit education industry Governor Christie is coming out and openly calling for New Jersey to sell its nose to spite its face we here at Blue Jersey would like to help the New Jersey Press Corpse come to life.


           (Death could just be the beginning for the New Jersey Press Corpse)