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“Don’t Drill The Delaware! No Fracking Way!”

This morning’s anti-fracking rally at the Trenton War Memorial started with words from the Deputy Director of Delaware Riverkeeper. She said, “Politicians view gas drilling as just another political football. We told them fracking is a public health issue, an environmental issue, and a civil rights issue. We thank Delaware Governor Markell who looked at the science and decided last week to cast a critical vote against fracking.” As a result the Delaware River Basin Commission, which was scheduled to vote today in favor of fracking, cancelled their meeting.

Jeff Titel, NJ Sierra Club, said, “Today is a beginning not a rally.  Next we will march to the State House. The NJ legislature banned fracking in our state, but Governor Christie vetoed the bill. Our message to the governor is to ban fracking in NJ and in the basin now. We ask the legislature to override this veto by the end of the year. If Woody Guthrie were alive today he would be singing, “It’s not just our land but our water that’s made for you and me.”

Josh Fox, author and producer of the famed anti-fracking documentary Gasland, said with great emotion, “We won this round, but like an orchestra, we are  just tuning up. There is more to be done regarding fracking, deep water oil drilling and coal.”

Actress Debra Winger, more quietly but in a heartfelt manner, said, “We are celebrating a moment of victory. However, we know that while electricity through coal in our house may be clean, extracting it is not. We need to carry our message further.”

At the end of the speeches an audience member reminded participants that Governor Christie does not support this movement. He uttered the words, “This is not the Governor’s river. It’s our river.” And with that, the group marched to the State House to continue the rally.

Throughout the event there were references to the Occupy movement. Occupy Trenton provided continuous live streaming of the entire event and plans to add it to their video library here.

TODAY – Tell Our Governor To Oppose Fracking And Stand Up For Clean Water

Today on Monday residents from across the Delaware River Basin will gather outside of the Trenton War Memorial (1 Memorial drive, one block from the Trenton Marriott Hotel) at 11:00 AM and then march to the nearby State House to protest against fracking. Sponsors and invited speakers include Josh Fox (Gasland writer and producer), Mark Ruffalo (actor, director and founder of WaterDefense.org), Deborah Winger (actress), Maya van Rossum (Delaware Riverkeeper), Jim Walsh (Food & Water Watch), and Jeff Tittel (Sierra Club NJ.

Free Screenings of Gasland (Fracking Documentary) Preceed DRBC Vote On New Enviro Rules

Do you oppose flammable drinking water and widespread illness caused by environmental contamination? Do you like free movies?

As noted previously by Blue Jersey (here, here and here) the controversial natural gas extraction method called “fracking” (slang for “hydraulic fracturing”) has been trying to extend its craptacular tendrils in our general direction for a couple of years now. But on Monday 11/21, the Delaware River Basin Commission will vote on new rules that could pave the way for nearly 20,000 fracking wells to be built in the river basin.

Yeah, not good for fans of safe water and good health. So along with some local partners, environment and sustainability watchdog Food and Water Watch is sponsoring two screenings of the the HBO documentary Gasland, which is to fracking what Supersize Me is to fast food.  Not sure you understand the issue and it’s potentially devastating consequences? Or maybe you’re just cheap and need something to do this week. Either way. You can catch the New Brunswick screening today at 10 a.m., and the Princeton screening tomorrow at 7 p.m. Full details below the YouTubes.

When: Monday, Nov. 14 @ 9:10pm

Where: Rutgers Univ., Loree Hall, Room 20 (72 Lipman Drive) – parking available in Douglass Deck

Who: NJ Food & Water Watch, NJPIRG Student Chapters, Rutgers Univ. Student Assembly

When: Tuesday Nov. 15 @ 7pm

Where: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton, 50 Cherry Hill Road

Who: NJ Food & Water Watch, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton

NJ’s Fracking Ban – Will It Become Law?

If signed into law by Governor Christie, a New Jersey’s law banning the practice of hydraulic fracturing – or “fracking” – will become the first such in the country. As noted previous by Blue Jersey, fracking is Halliburton’s proprietary method of extracting natural gas from underground shale deposits. It sounds great if you’re in the natural gas business, but not so much if you live near a fracking site; fracking contaminates underground water supplies and makes people sick. It can also make your tap water flammable.  

In 2004, the EPA concluded that “the body of reported problems considered collectively suggest that water quality (and quantity) problems” could be linked to fracking. The documentary Gasland has brought the fracking and its implications into the mainstream. And perhaps most presciently, the measure to ban this practice passed the New Jersey State Senate 32-1 and the Assembly 56-11 with 8 abstentions.  So far, Christie has yet to comment, let alone sign this measure into law.

Could the governor’s silence and inaction have anything to do with the letter he received from Energy In Depth? They’re a Washington front group backed by the American Petroleum Institute, the Independent Petroleum Association of America and various other Big Oil/Gas players. You know, just the kind of monied corporate masters Christie loves to please, as women, the disabled, AIDS patients and school children eat cake.

Because with conclusive scientific evidence of fracking’s dangers, acknowledged risks as noted by the EPA, and overwhelming support for the measure in the state legislature, it’s difficult to imagine any other reason for Christie’s silence.