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Christie & Adubato leaning hard on Senators to reject NJN veto resolution

We are hearing from multiple sources that Gov. Chris Chris Christie and North Jersey Democratic political boss Steve Adubato were making calls all day yesterday to pressure Senators to vote against the NJN veto resolution. Is that OK with you?

Concurrent Resolutions to stop the deal – Early this week Sen. Loretta Weinberg and Asm. Patrick Diegnan introduced concurrent resolutions in each of their houses disapproving the handover contract negotiated by NJ Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff. The Assembly voted Thursday night 45-30 on the Diegnan resolution to block the NJN handover.

Hot seat – On the same day, Sidamon-Eristoff was on the hot seat for more than 2 hours in the Senate Budget Committee. And it was clear from the Senators’ persistent questions – and his often minimal answers –  that they weren’t getting anywhere with him.

Senate – Loretta Weinberg is the sponsor of the Senate resolution, which is expected to come up for a vote Monday.

Payback? Tracking what appears to be a flawed, and maybe suspicious, bidding and selection process in the Christie plan, leads to questions concerning what Adubato’s son, Steve Adubato, Jr., would potentially gain from the deal. And if it’s political payback going on, there’s plenty to be concerned about.

Call. Email – Want to tell your senator what’s on your mind? Here’s your contact list.