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Christie is David Koch’s “kind of guy”. Is he yours?

We recently heard that billionaire right wing financier David Koch called Governor Christie “my kind of guy” in a double secret keynote speech that Christie recently gave at a super secret Koch sponsored conference.  With that, I put this little video together highlighting what else David Koch is into, and makes me wonder whether others know why someone like David Koch would be so enamored with Christie.


Christie’s pattern of quid pro quo – what else is he planning?

On the heels of the revelations of Governor Christie’s secret trip and turn as keynote speaker at the Koch retreat, a new interest was stirred up in Governor Christie’s interesting timing when he withdrew New Jersey from the RGGI (something that we noted here back in early June), since “Coptergate” was all about Christie meeting with Koch-related individuals.

But this longstanding pattern of Christie giving out favors, no bid deals and apparently now policy issues to special interests who donate money or help his career in exchange for him giving them money goes back at least as far as him first getting the job as US Attorney – and should be used as a tale of caution as his decisions are made, policies are pushed or actions are taken – even more so since he is vice chairman of the RGA.

Let’s take a trip down a long and troubled memory lane:

And that is just to name a few bigger ones that we know about.  

The timing of Christie’s meeting with Koch-related Republican donors and the RGGI pullout is highly suspect.  The Kochs have their fingers in a great number of industries and interests – many of which have an impact on New Jersey.  Given the Koch’s behavior and money, and Christie’s love for quid pro quo to further his ego and political ambitions, every action he takes should be viewed with this lens and skepticism.

NJ’s RGGI Pullout: the Latest Christie-Koch Wink-Nod?

As noted by our own KendalJames, the lead Iowa Republican funder who Governor Christie met with during “CopterGate” was Koch business partner Bruce Rastetter.  There is a very interesting history between Rastetter, the Koch brothers, their business interests and Chris Christie – and given Christie’s history of rewarding his cronies with lucrative contracts, this more than bears watching closely.

Let’s connect some very big dots.

Rastetter is a major early seed money donor to the very shady “American Future Fund” (“AFF”).  In 2010, both the AFF and the Koch Industries PAC were involved in the Adler/Runyan Congressional race, as was Christie, who recorded an ad for Runyan in the closing days of the campaign.

Earlier this year, a Koch subsidiary, Flint Hills Resources Renewables LLC acquired Rastetter’s ethanol plants in an all cash deal.  At the beginning of this past May, it was first reported that Rastetter, among others, would be coming to New Jersey in order to sweet talk Christie.  As part of the report, Rastetter said the following about Christie:

“There isn’t anyone like Chris Christie on the national scene for Republicans,” Rastetter said. “And so we believe that he, or someone like him, running for president is very important at this critical time in our country.”


“He clearly understands smaller government, less government spending, job creation, and how to create a better education system – certainly, all the things I and those accompanying me care about,”

Around three weeks later, Christie, in an about face from his lies campaign talk, decides to withdraw from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (“RGGI”).  This is also on the heels of a year-long multi-million dollar campaign by the Koch front group “Americans for Prosperity” to derail RGGI.  Christie also announces that he will come out with his own “alternate energy plan”.


Over the next two weeks, Christie gets the visit from Rastetter and his delegation, and releases his energy plan, which lowers New Jersey’s goal for renewable energy by almost 1/3.

We don’t (yet) know what was discussed or promised in the meeting with Rastetter, Christie and the others in the delegation.  And we don’t yet know the details of Christie’s energy program.  But we do know how Christie and the shady Republican front groups operate in terms of following the money and the resulting actions.  And with the history of these individuals along with their positions, this is something that a very close eye needs to be kept on.