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Dana Milbank: Samuel Alito is a Childish Clown

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This week we’re hearing many of the decisions from the Supreme Court of the United States that will have major impacts on our lives, but Dana Milbank notes another: NJ’s own Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito of Trenton is a bully and a jerk.

The associate justice, a George W. Bush appointee, read two opinions, both 5-4 decisions that split the court along its usual right-left divide. But Alito didn’t stop there. When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg read her dissent from the bench, Alito visibly mocked his colleague.

Ginsburg, the second woman to serve on the high court, was making her argument about how the majority opinion made it easier for sexual harassment to occur in the workplace when Alito, seated immediately to Ginsburg’s left, shook his head from side to side in disagreement, rolled his eyes and looked at the ceiling.

Milbank has several other examples of Alito being a childish clown, mostly to the other women on the court (shocking, I know) but also to the President of the United States during the State of the Union Speech.  This is a speech that in the past was given huge respect, but now has clowning from the Supremes and members of Congress heckling the President.  

Oh, these are REPUBLICAN Supremes and REPUBLICAN members of Congress mocking a Democratic President and Democratic nominated Supremes (Ginsberg, Kagan and Sotomayor).  It’s more evidence that the break down of “comity” and bipartisanship has s a one-way path from stage right to left.

The sad thing is that we’re stuck with Alito tarnishing the reputation of New Jersey more than Snooki (who is from New York, BTW).  The dude’s only 63 and can probably expect two or three more decades of acting like a pubescent punk.

Late Nite Video Chopper Video Nuggets

For you late-nighters and early-risers, some bonus vids, as the national press catches up with Christie turning New Jersey’s #12.5M homeland security chopper into his own flying limo. We have 2 from Lawrence O’Donnell The Last Word (MSNBC). And – bonus – CNN’s chat with Asw Valerie Huttle, who Christie called a “jerk” today for criticizing his helicopter use.

O’Donnell and the Washington Post’s Milbank deal with Christie’s press conference today. An unrepentant Christie blamed everyone but himself, not budging an inch toward a proper apology to the taxpayers. O’Donnell busts right through Christie’s obliviousness to the troubles of real New Jerseyans, and the self-serving way Christie invokes his family to get himself out of hot water, my personal fave moment in this short video.

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MSNBC’s O’Donnell Wednesday night with Salon’s Steve Kornacki, a New Jerseyan, on the risks of Christie’s behavior:

Bonus: CNN coverage (with Asw Valerie Huttle):