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Checking in on Gov. Christie feelings today

It’s like OCD.

He can’t help it. Gov. Christie just can not stop talking about himself. Can’t help framing everything going on – the GWB scandal, the hundreds of thousands of people whose safety was risked, the people left out from his administration’s management of federal Sandy money – with the same vain, arrogant self-reference. It’s never about them. About the people he’s elected to serve. Shades of his 2-hour press conference all about his feelings. Sadness. Betrayed. Disappointed. Stages of grief. The self-absorption of a narcissist used to demanding attention,  and getting whatever he wants, unable to grasp that there are times he’s not actually the most important person. Unable to express stages of grief for the people put out by his administration’s malfeasance. And today’s affect is earnest.

Christie, today:

I was saying to my staff yesterday in the Sandy meeting, you know, come next Tuesday we’ve only got about 1,400 days to go as Governor, so we got plenty of time to get this job done, and we’re going to get it done, and a lot sooner than 1,400 days, but let me tell you: that is my focus. My focus is you all gave me a resounding vote of support on November 5th. You asked me, and I accepted, the task of leading this state for eight years, not four years, and no one I can assure you ever told me or anybody on my team that it was going to be easy. It hadn’t been up to this point, and there’s all kinds of challenges as you know that come every day out of nowhere to test you. But, I want to ensure the people of New Jersey of one thing: I was born here, I was raised here, I’m raising my family here, and this is where I intend to spend the rest of my life. And whatever test they put in front of me, I will meet those tests because I’m doing it on your behalf. So, thank you all very much for being here.

Way to sound presidential.


Sleepless nights: What did Christie know and when did he know it?

One of the striking things about Gov. Christie’s nearly 2 hour press conference today is that much of it – most of it – was about himself.

Christie is “sad.”

Christie is “disappointed.”

[He is] “disturbed by the tone and behavior and attitude and callous indifference that was displayed in the emails by [his] former campaign manager Bill Stepien.”

“I am not a bully.”

It’s a fair point to make that he talked more about how this has affected him and how he feels about it, his emotions and feelings than about anything else, or anyone else. The “all about me” quality of his remarks was referenced real-time by both national and local reporters on Twitter. Stunningly aelf-referential. Just like his keynote at the Republican National Convention.

So, listening in to Christie’s detailed account of his feelings, something sticks  out. Over and over he talked about his shock finding out just yesterday (he says) when the news broke that this reaches into his office. And springing into action firing people. But Christie also said he was so troubled he hadn’t slept well in two nights.

So, why didn’t Christie sleep well for two nights – if he just found out yesterday that his people were involved?

Press Conference Video: Rutgers President Barchi and Governing Board Chair

Video via NBC Sports of today’s press conference with Rutgers University President Robert Barchi and Ralph Izzo, Chair of the Rutgers Board of Governors. Video includes prepared statements, followed by questions from the press. It’s rough stuff, as Barchi particularly struggles to contain fallout from an embarrassing and troubling moment in Rutgers’ history – one that pushed out of sports reporting and into national news – and faces accusations about his own role.

ICYMI: Tough Questions at Rutgers, Top 10 Takeaways from Rutgers Mike Rice Mess, Mike Rice Roundup.

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Tough Questions at Rutgers: President Barchi & Governing Board Chair Izzo Face the Press

Rutgers President Barchi – under heavy fire for allowing basketball coach Mike Rice to verbally and physically abuse student players for years, even as he guided RU into the Big 10 – finished a tense press conference a few minutes ago with Board of Governors chief Ralph Izzo. It was an obvious attempt to present an administration united front, and gain control of a wildfire story that reflects poorly on Rutgers, and likely an attempt to salvage Barchi’s job.

At one point, Barchi said the practices (at which the damning video was recorded) were open. “All these practices were public. If you look at the back of the video – there are people there. And nobody said anything.”

At that point, there was an interruption from the front row, unclear if it was a reporter: “Sir, that’s not true – An assistant coach said something and nobody did anything!”

First, a recap of the last 24 hours:

  • Whistleblower Eric Murdock files wrongful termination suit.

  • Athletic Director Tim Pernetti, forced to resign.

  • Assistant basketball coach Jimmy Martelli, called “Baby Rice” resigns.

  • Interim general counsel John Wolf, reported as resigned.

  • 2 major donors are very unhappy today.
  • Reports say Pernetti likely out as Rutgers AD

    UPDATE: Press conference 1pm: RU President Robert Barchi will come out of his cone of silence, with Ralph Izzo, who heads the Rutgers Board of Governors. Scorching piece in NYTimes and mounting campus pressures must have Barchi and his administration at DEFCON 1. – Rosi

    Multiple outlets are now reporting that Rutgers Athletic Director Tim Pernetti will likely no longer hold that position. From the Star Ledger:

    According to multiple people informed of the decision, Pernetti is the latest casualty from the release of a compilation of video clips showing men’s basketball coach Mike Rice yelling profane and abusive language at his players and throwing basketballs at their heads during practices.

    The people were not authorized to speak publicly because the school had not made an official announcement.

    It was not immediately clear whether Pernetti would be fired or resign.

    And it’s important to note, Pernetti and Rice wouldn’t be the the only dominos to fall:

    Wednesday night, John B. Wolf, the general counsel at Rutgers, abruptly resigned. It was his recommendation in December that Rice not be fired.

    In addition, assistant basketball coach Jimmy Martelli, twice shown shoving a player during one segment on the tape, also resigned Wednesday.

    Who knows where this story will go next, but reports say there will be a 2pm press conference held by the University President, which of course is subject to change.

    Coptergate Update: Press Conference & Some Math that May Not Add Up

    FYI – CNN is going to cover Christie’s presser live as soon as the Governor steps into the room in Denville. Expect some serious questions to be asked.

    UPDATE post-CNN presser coverage: Well, apparently this is all your fault, New Jersey citizens. Christie just told America he reimbursed because he didn’t like the “distraction” and “political theater” questions about his behavior turned into. He also blamed the press: This is a “fun media story” and you “like to write these things”. He even stood behind his kids, saying he’s Gov 24/7 but he’s also a father (heard that song before with his irresponsible trip to Disney during NJ’s blizzard). He says he was told there was no cost, which I guess means he’s also blaming the State Police. One thing’s for certain, he’s not blaming himself. He’ll continue to use his own judgment when he copters. And might even take it to another ball game.

    Bottom line: I wrote a check. Damn you for making me do it. Now, STFU, because I am Christie and you cannot tell me what to do. People more important than you came from Iowa to promise a shower of money on me. And I’m so down for that. I am what I am and I do what I wanna.

    Okay, I’m just going to completely overhaul and update this diary. Because, wait a minute. Some of this does not add up. Follow along with me:

    (1) Yesterday, State Police Superintendent Col. Rick Fuentes told reporters that his boss’ travel to his kid’s ball game and then to meet Iowa GOP bigwigs didn’t cost the taxpayers anything, and Christie’s little trips are just counted as “training time”. So … if that’s true (and if it was never cover-up bull forced on the State Police by the front office), then what’s Christie reimbursing for, exactly? Yeah, looks like they needed to scramble together a new version of the facts over at Christie, Inc.

    (2) Yesterday, State Police spokesman spokesman Sgt. Stephen Jones said Christie’s trip Tuesday included 1 hour of flight time (Star-Ledger).

    Cost of the helicopter per hour is $2,500/hour (Star-Ledger)

    Got that?

    So …Christie and NJGOP are reimbursing New Jersey taxpayers $2,251 to “cover the cost of all trips,” according to Christie spokeswoman Maria Comella (AP)

    So … if he flew an hour, it costs $2,500/hour to fly, and he’s only paying $2,251 … are the taxpayers picking up the rest of the cost? Or, are the Christie’s getting a cut-rate?

    (3) Another question arises out of numbers not adding up and what may be chaotic information coming from the Christie front office. For example, check this out: AP and Star-Ledger have entirely different versions of what NJGOP is kicking in $919 to reimburse the taxpayers for:

  • Star-Ledger says that $919 pays for a Christie trip to another ball game.

  • AP says that $919 is to pay for carrying Christie to his meeting with Iowa GOPs.


    Christie’s behavior regarding the state helicopter use has been troubling. This math, if we’re reading it right, is confusing. Christie’s about to have a press conference that is being carried live on CNN, it should start in a few minutes.