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NJ’s Opioid Crisis: Part I

“Unfortunately one of the things that I haven’t seen is that access to treatment has not become ubiquitous,” said Stephen Stirling, a reporter for NJ Advance Media at NJTV News’ Drug Addiction Crisis Forum this week. This rather tactful statement…
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News Round-up and Open Thread for Thursday, April 19

There’s a lot going on in the news of Our Fair State today. What do you want to talk about?

It’s Time for Blue Jersey Book Notes

In today’s book news, ex-governor Jim McGreevey’s newly published memoir, My Life As New Jersey’s Worst-Kept Secret, made its debut at number three on the New York Times bestseller list. Ahead of him are I Hate My Turkey Neck (a new book from Nora Ephron) and an anti-Bush screed by second-tier Times columnist Frank Rich. Just behind McG’s memoir is a year-old book about a guy’s neurotic dog and Tom Friedman’s even older book about how the American middle class can kiss its ass goodbye as long as it insists on getting paid a living wage.

Number three? After a five-alarm publicity tour that started with McG batting his eyes at Oprah and ended with him having launched himself at anything that even looked like a microphone? Number freakin’ three?

News Round-up for Thursday, June 22

  • Assemblyman Louis Greenwald says they have found $200mil in additional cuts and “efficiencies” Gov. Corzine acknowleges that the Assembly has made progress in the budget war, but he still feels the sales tax increase is the solution to balancing the budget. Talks are also underway about a proposed cut of $60mil to the requested $236mil for a new Department of Children and Families. And the negotiations go on
  • One sure cut- cars. Starting July 8th the state will auction off 809 used state cars, hoping to bring in $1mil and save a further $1mil annualy in fuel and maintainence.
  • Corzine signed the “Independence, Choice and Dignity in Long-Term Care Act” into law yesterday, which would help seniors in acquiring home-based or assisted-living care instead of using nursing homes when long-term care is required.
  • Camden Schools Superintendent Annette D. Knox will resign effective June 30th. Knox has been involved in scandals where she gave herself bonuses without school board approval, as well as a state criminal probe and an investigation into possible cheating on standardized tests.
  • A controversial Camden County redevelopment project has lost funding due to severe changes in the nature of the project. The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority has reduced their contribution by $7.5mil for the project that was once envisioned as a hockey arena and civic center, but is now a housing development in Pennsauken.
  • Hasbrouck Heights Library Director Michele Reutty refused to give police library circulation records without a subpoena, and is now possibly facing diciplinary action. Ms. Reutty states she complied with laws regarding privacy, and did provide all information when subpeoneas were issued.
  • Former Gov. James McGreevey will remain in Our Fair State, purchasing a home in Plainfield.
  • Tough trip home yesterday? You weren’t alone. Amtrak experienced a “power fluctuation” which delayed thousands- another display of the repairs needed to the rail lines. On the Turnpike, a truck accident backed up traffic three miles in either direction around exit 8. right toward the end of rush hour. Ahh, summer in New Jersey!

Jimmy and The Cruisers

Whatever else comes from the publication of Jim McGreevey’s memoir, it’s already caused headaches for married pols who attend the annual state League of Municipalities gatherings in Atlantic City. The recently distributed excerpts from McG’s book include a revelation about the hot pickup action at the convention, which has bowties twirling all over the state:

Assemblyman Bill Baroni (R-Mercer) is single and said he was so appalled by the atmosphere that he stopped attending.

  “It is the Sodom and Gomorrah of the culture of corruption,” he says.

  Bill Dressel, the league’s executive director, says he attends with his wife and mother-in-law. He says he has no clue what McGreevey is talking about.

  “He’s a pathological liar,” Dressel says. “It really just saddens me.”

  Perhaps. But the former governor’s version is being taken seriously. Says one legislator, “My wife told me I’m not going to that convention ever again.”

This is probably the first time in history that “sex” and “League of Municipalities” have shared space on the printed page, but I think it’s entirely plausible. After all, the League conventions are loaded with people who would never get picked up anywhere else, just as the nude beach at Sandy Hook is loaded with people who should never, ever be naked, even in the shower.

I guess if McG’s booked to appear with Oprah, then the sales of the tome are guaranteed. But this still sounds like pretty sad stuff to build a book around.

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