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“The Morning After” Discussion at Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers

I’m taking the day off to recharge. So I only listened to this a little, not enough to pull out great quotes for you. But these conversations – hosted by Eagleton’s Associate Director John Weingart, are always interesting, and sometimes funny. Bonus this year is pathos. This is the second time, I think, that Eagleton has made this talk available both by live streaming and with embed code for viewing later. This morning’s guests are: Ross Baker Distinguished Professor, Department of Political Science at Rutgers;  Gail Gordon, Republican fundraiser & attorney, Florio Perrucci Steinhardt & Faber; Julie Roginsky, Democratic political consultant, Fox News contributor and Philadelphia Inquirer’s Washington correspondent Jonathan Tamari. Who voted vs. who stayed home. How did Dems lose where they shouldn’t have? Which party ran on ideas, and which party didn’t?

… Except that today, the embed code doesn’t work. Of course. But you can watch it anytime here at YouTube.  

Eagleton’s Morning After – Watch the video

Hours after each primary and general election, Rutgers’ Eagleton Institute of Politics hosts a great “Morning After” discussion in the beautiful white mansion on the New Brunswick campus that serves as Eagleton’s HQ. If you’ve never been to one, those seats get filled fast by reservation, and the discussion is always meaty for political nerds. This morning’s talk, hosted by Eagleton’s John Weingart, is, I believe, only the second one Eagleton’s ever streamed. Great that they do that, and great that they make embeddable video available just seconds after. Thank you, Eagleton.

The Morning After: Election 2011 at Eagleton


Every year, while the headrush is still fresh, the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers hosts a gathering to pick apart election results and find meaning in it all. They call it The Morning After – NJ Legislative Elections: Results and Implications. You could probably fill an auditorium with still charged-up D’s and R’s, but Eagleton convenes this discussion in a beautiful room that only seats about 70 people. That makes it more discussion than presentation. And that makes it fun.

This morning’s players were AP’s Angela Delli Santi, Assemblywoman Joan Quigley, Record columnist Charlie Stile and former NJ GOP chair (now lobbyist) Tom Wilson. Eagleton’s John Weingart moderated.

The audience was mostly players of various kinds; some of the best questions and observations came from Eagleton students. Everything was on the table. Below the fold, some vignettes, including Chris Christie’s post-election black eye, leadership tension between Barbara Buono and Loretta Weinberg, who wears a suit and tie and why it matters, and why Dick Codey’s having a really good day today:  

2013 Ain’t that far Away (thank God)

The Courier-Post‘s opinion editor Mike Daniels ran a recent Sunday feature citing folks, “who closely follow state politics to give us their take — who they think might vie for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, and what advice they would give the candidates.”

I am excited to hear how’d you’d answer. Meantime, here was my take:

“My short list includes Sweeney, Buono and Booker at this point. If the election were tomorrow I think a Sweeney/Buono ticket seems most plausable, given the state’s machine-driven dynamics which don’t favor Booker at the moment. A Rob Andrews/Loretta Weinberg ticket is my fantasy pick.”

My recommendations for the Democrats who throw their hat in against Christie: (below)