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Changes at the DNC

I want to flag something for you – which is potentially very good news – before another day’s news cycle gets eaten by the horror movie parody that is the Donald Trump for President campaign. Do you know the name…
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Elections are not Horseshoes

The most optimistic supporters of Barbara Buono’s gubernatorial campaign are quick to point out that the gap between the challenger and the governor in the poll numbers is closing. Let’s assume that this gap continues to get smaller and that Buono loses the election by a small margin, say two percent.

Some Buono supporters will be mildly disappointed, but nevertheless ecstatic. Disappointed because their candidate lost, but ecstatic that she almost toppled the most popular politician in America. Buono’s campaign staff will move on and put this statistical “upset” on their résumés as they seek jobs for the 2014 campaigns.

There’s a saying that goes, “coming close only gets you points in horseshoes and thermonuclear war.”

Don’t ever assume that a close and underwhelming victory by Chris Christie will humble him. Remember when his mentor, George W Bush lost the 2000 election? Despite the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court decided to disenfranchise Florida voters and the fact that Al Gore won the popular vote, upon taking office Bush acted as if he had a mandate to promote the conservative agenda. Christie will do the same if our election is close. He’ll use state resources in court to fight the anticipated override of his veto of marriage equality. He’ll continue to throw lucrative state contracts to his cronies. And he’ll move further to the right on disenfranchising the poor and middle class in order to enhance his presidential ambitions.

A close loss for Buono is still a loss. Not only for her, but also for the people of New Jersey. That’s why it is critically important to pull off the electoral upset of the decade. Her own party is not helping her, so it’s up to the people to pull out all the stops to send Chris Christie back to his Mendham mansion permanently.

Despite the numerous missteps of Buono’s campaign staff, it’s time for anyone who gives a damn about this state to volunteer for the campaign. You hate making phone calls? Well, do you hate making phone calls more than you hate what Christie is doing to your state? You can’t afford to contribute to the campaign? Well, if you’re poor or in the middle class, the dollars that you don’t contribute will come back to bite you as higher fees and fewer services if Christie is re-elected.

Bush “won” in a close election, and the nation is still trying to recover from the mis-steps and damage he precipitated. A second Christie term will result in similar damage to the state – social, economic, and political – and it will take years to recover. A close election is not good enough. Let’s not make the same mistake twice.

Project Vote Swap Redux: Liberals for Lonegan and Conservatives for Buono

During the 2000 Presidential election, some liberals who preferred Ralph Nader to Al Gore, but were (correctly) afraid that their votes would help to elect George W. Bush, the far greater of the two evils (from their perspective, not mine – Gore was a lousy Presidential candidate, but he was most certainly not evil and eventually found his voice on environmental and other issues during the Dubya years), came up with an interesting idea that if implemented fully throughout the country could have changed the outcome of the election and everything that followed dramatically.

The concept was that Gore voters in cobalt blue and crimson red states would vote for Nader in return for Nader voters in purple states voting for Gore with the hope that Gore would win the purple states and become President while Nader would get enough votes for the Green Party that they would become a strong and viable 3rd party in the future.  Sadly, because the idea was not fully implemented or well-organized in the least, neither happened.  However, it does provide for some inspiration for the upcoming October and November elections.

Grassroots progressives are just as unhappy with Cory Booker as movement conservatives are with Chris Christie, particularly because they recognize that their victories in 2013 will most likely propel both men to Presidential candidacies, which could enable them to have an undesired impact on the ideology of their respective political party, especially if they eventually become President of the United States.  Assuming for a moment that progressives would be willing to sacrifice a United States Senate seat for one year in return for reclaiming a gubernatorial seat for four years at the very least and conservatives would be willing to do the reverse, I believe that we have the foundation for Project Vote Swap Redux.

Chris Christie’s Legacy

All politicians have egos. Few are as big as Chris Christie’s. With a big ego comes the drive to establish one’s legacy. So what can Chris Christie do to build a legacy that would put him in a positive light in the annals of history?

One way is to be elected President of the United States. Christie opted not to actively enter the race in 2012, and his actions in the Hurricane Sandy relief effort were right and admirable, but made a future presidential run less likely. He alienated the Republican base by standing side-by-side with President Obama and promoting the big government rescue and relief efforts that the GOP hates. If President Obama wins on Tuesday, I doubt that the GOP will have an epiphany and realize that they have become a party of extreme zealots. So while the New Jersey governor’s brusque style resonates well with the GOP, his cooperation with a black Democratic president makes a future nomination from his party highly unlikely.

There’s been talk about Christie accepting a cabinet post in a second Obama administration, or God forbid a Romney administration. But while serving on the President’s cabinet is a tough and important job, it’s a dead end for a politician with grander ambitions.

Christie can, and probably will, run for a second term as New Jersey governor. If the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts go well, the resulting economic stimulus will create jobs and be an excellent boost to the state’s economy. Christie could be hard to beat in 2013.

Given the fact that a Romney victory would cut Christie out from presidential politics for eight years and an Obama victory would move the GOP even further to the right, what could Christie do to establish his legacy?

Christie To Use Public Building For Political Meeting

Remember back in the 1990s the horror at Al Gore using the private residence phones at the White House to call donors?  Or Bill Clinton allowing donors to stay in the Lincoln bedroom (which Reagan, Bush and Bush all did as well)?

Well, now our own Chris Christie is using the public facility provided for New Jersey governors to host political fundraisers from out of state who are trying to convince him to run for President.

A team of Iowa businessmen will fly by private jet today to meet with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), who has steadfastly refused to run for president “but agreed to have dinner with them in the governor’s mansion,” the Des Moines Register reports.

“The heavy hitters’ journey is being closely watched by political operatives across the nation who read it as evidence of Republican discontent in the lead-off voting state with the developing field of GOP hopefuls — and a sign that Christie’s resistance might crack.”

Make of this what you will, but at least Christie is 100% focused on the business of New Jersey.

Video: Al Gore endorses Governor Corzine

The Corzine campaign put out this video of Al Gore speaking last Friday night at the NJ Democratic State Conference in Atlantic City:

He opened by praising the Governor before moving on to talking about the Republicans. Gore said you cannot separate the cause from the effect, talking about the consequences of the Bush policies. Gore hit Christie for saying he’d reject stimulus funds and supports the same policies that wrecked the economy in this country.

Listen, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Chris Christie have policies that are not good for this country and they’re not good for the State of New Jersey.  I heard somebody asked him how does he feel about Bush and Cheney, and their policies now.  He said I feel fine.

He then went on to talk about how elections matter, naming all the issues and reasons why they matter.

Al Gore in AC: “Elections Matter”

Speaking at the Democratic State Conference dinner for Governor Corzine last night, Al Gore reminded Democrats just how much elections matter:

Calling him the “Real Deal”, Gore had this to say about Corzine:

“You have a man who has the knowledge, the experience, the commitment, the compassion and the record of solid accomplishments fighting every single hour of every single day for New Jersey. Let’s re-elect Jon Corzine,” Gore said as the crowd of 500 cheered.

And Gore also had something for people thinking of going with Chris Daggett:

Gore dismissed the third candidate in the race , independent Chris Daggett, a former Department of Environmental Protection commissioner who has gotten the Sierra Club’s endorsement , as having no chance against the better known and better financed candidates.

“You could also throw your vote away and pretend you’re not doing it,” said Gore. “Let me tell you how that works out.”

Here’s the release put out by the State Committee on the conference and a photo from the Gore speech:

We All Need to Fight for Governor Corzine

Promoted by Jason

This coming November we all have an important choice at the polls.  This election doesn’t just impact New Jersey’s families; it affects Democratic and progressive causes all over the country.  We are fighting in Washington to make sure that lasting health care reform legislation is ultimately passed and the Republicans have been fighting us every step of the way.  If Chris Christie is elected Governor it will only embolden right-wing Republicans to continue to obstruct and derail our ambitious agenda.