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Latino Action Network and Allies File Amicus Brief in Gabriella Mosquera Case

Earlier this week the Latino Action Network joined with the Women’s Political Caucus, Latinas United for Political Empowerment – Political Action Committee, New Jersey Muslim Lawyers Association, Latino Coalition of Monmouth County, and Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO to file an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief in In re Contest of November 8, 2011 General Election of Office of New Jersey General Assembly, Fourth Legislative District, the New Jersey Supreme Court case in which Gabriela Mosquera’s election as 4th District Assemblywoman in November 2011 is being challenged despite her having won more votes than her opponents.

On Wednesday, January 26, 2012 we heard that the Supreme Court has accepted our amicus brief.  

One of her opponents, Shelley Lovett, argues that because Ms. Mosquera moved to the 4th District 11 months prior to the election, she violated a requirement in the New Jersey Constitution that all candidates must live in their district for at least a year. However, a federal judge back in 2002 had held that provision invalid under the United States Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause. As such the Secretary of State (Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno) had told Ms. Mosquera that she could run for office, without challenge, and in fact every candidate since 2002 has been told the same thing.

We made three arguments:

I Believe The Governor is a Good Husband and Father. I Just Don’t Believe He’s A Good Governor!

For The New Jersey Family.

Twas a good convention. I was moved by speeches given by Chair John Wisniewski, our Senator Frank Lautenberg and most notably the one passionately delivered by Speaker Sheila Oliver. The theme of all was: remember why we’re Democrats, and go back to the grass roots who share our values. Young people, candidates, vendors and many interesting folk in attendance. The breakout sessions were informative, and meeting other Dems was most satisfying.  Made some great connections with other women throughout the state who want to help with the womens’ access to health care issue. Also enjoyed meeting some of the very famous Blue Jersey bloggers in person. They were all over the convention. Rosi, with her trusty computer, kept all of you up to date in real time.

But why do some in our ranks continue to try to plant negative stories with the press? Not designed to help anyone!

Along with the Women’s Political Caucus, we hosted the Women’s Health Roundtable in Trenton this past week. Very well attended and representatives of the various groups including nurses and other health professionals, womens’ organizations, and providers were outspoken in describing what the cuts to these health programs mean for women and their families. Thanks to Jay Lassiter for being there with his camera. I did describe the Governor as having initiated a “war on women”. Mike Drewniak, Gov’s press secretary, responded with: ‘that’s over the top – everyone knows Chris Christie is a loving husband and devoted father to two daughters’.  I would assume that’s very true, and would only add: And they have very good health insurance and access to health care!  more below…

Remember the Women

Promoted by Rosi, who is supporting a woman candidate in the shiny, new LD-16, Marie Corfield. Go, women, go!

Over the last several months, WPCNJ has been at the forefront of the campaign to raise awareness of the status of women as the most under-represented segment of our population.

In her testimony at a redistricting hearing, WPCNJ Democratic Task Force Chair Shari Weiner urged the members of the Commission to “Remember the Women.” In light of the adoption of the new Legislative map, the Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey now calls on New Jersey’s Democratic and Republican party leaders to heed the same call to “Remember the Women” when making party endorsements for the 2011 legislative elections.

Academic research and real world experience have proven that women legislators make a significant and positive difference. Better laws are passed; civility is restored to the legislative body; and the legislature is more representative of the citizens of New Jersey, more than half of whom are women.

Open seats provide tremendous opportunities for party leaders to unite behind women candidates. I urge state party chairmen Wisniewski and Raia and county party leaders to promote women when making these decisions.

Former Republican Assemblywoman Rose Heck recently said, “Thirty four women serve in the state legislature.  Due to the changes in the legislative map, I fear that incumbent women are in jeopardy of losing their seats through political maneuvering. We cannot let the state go backward!”

We understand Senator Nick Sacco and Senator Paul Sarlo are actively supporting women candidates for their open seats. We commend the Senators for their efforts and we urge others to do the same.

Women should be encouraged and supported in their efforts to enter the world of politics and become elected officials. Political parties can and MUST actively work to remove the barriers to participation.

With power comes responsibility. Parity will not be achieved without a deliberate effort to recruit, train, and advance women. It is incumbent upon leaders to LEAD.

Lisa Mizrahi Kaado

President, Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey