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Photo of the Day: #TFYM

Congressional Black Caucus members at Trump’s State of the Union. Two New Jersey members in the photo; Bonnie Watson Coleman, second row far left and Don Payne, Jr., same row second from right. #TFYM when you’ve got to listen to…
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Donald Trump votes, gets booed

New Yorkers know what’s up. This was a few minutes ago, as Trump voted in mid-town, getting atto-boys from some nearby construction workers but boos from his fellow New Yorkers on line to vote themselves. With the candidate, his wife Melania, Ivanka Trump…
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#NJSen: Man, Jeff Bell has some sad, bewildered ignoramuses behind his campaign.

Anti-gay ad against Cory Booker

The sheer stupidity of this accounts for the fact you’ve probably already seen it; it’s heavily shared. I’m sure the Virginia-based, fake official-sounding group that put it out – Public Advocate of the United States – thinks that’s because it’s nasty-ass message (um, pun) is resonating with voters. And actually, it’s because people are laughing at these idjits.

Cory Booker’s name’s misspelled (which they now say is “intentional,” like we haven’t all seen the mighty-righty, pious Christianity-claiming, get-off-my-lawners display that kind of ignorance before). Them, and the professional, well-funded groups that encourage their fear of others, convincing them their free-floating anxieties, or even their real concerns are because of whatever despised “other” they can direct people to resent.

As Matt Friedman tells us, the other side of the mailer – so pink – says that Jeff Bell filled out their group’s survey, earning a “100% pro-family rating”. And they refer to Bell, who’s never been elected to anything, “Senator.” Booker, they say, gets a 0% Pro-Family rating because of his praise for homosexual ‘marriage’ and co-sponsoring the Gay Bill of Special Rights. As though that’s a thing.

Bell & Booker are currently engaged in their one-and-only-debate this cycle. But we just tweeted to the dude (who btw has only 752 followers) asking if he intends to denounce the ad, which is so obviously is on his behalf. Feel free to RT.  

Is it really a bad thing if we elect a U.S. Senator who treats a stripper like a person?

Late last night, pollster and Steve Lonegan strategist Rick Shaftan tweeted the New York Times coverage of Cory Booker’s Twitter conversations with a Portland stripper, with the question:

The next @AnthonyWeiner?

He wishes. I do think the story of a Twitter correspondence between the likely next U.S. Senator from New Jersey and a stripper at a vegan strip joint (first in USA) in Portland, Oregon is a story. But it’s a human interest story, not a scandal. Booker isn’t married, isn’t to my knowledge sending crotch pictures through the air or cringeworthy descriptions of anything. At best, he was flirting. She’s a person who’s as much a Twitter standout in her world as Booker is in his; enough that a documentary featured both of them.

But the reason the interest in this today interests me is that nearly the entire press coverage has missed the point. This guy Arthur, who tweets as @pelirrojo79 (replying to Slate’s @daveweigel) said the very smartest thing I’ve read about this all damn day:

@daveweigel I read this “scandal” as “Unmarried Cory Booker talks to stripper and treats her like a person”

Dead on. If you’re electing a U.S. senator, do you want the guy who thinks he’s superior to people? (don’t forget he tried to get you to disapprove of Cory Booker if Booker’s gay). Or do you want the guy who’s nice to all kinds of people?

Big deal. After all, whoever we send to the Senate October 16th will have to represent all New Jersey’s people. And that’s going to include Jersey Girl strippers with tattoos. Vegans, even. All of us. And I don’t think Steve Lonegan can handle that.

Bonuses below the fold: Portlandia clip on Casa Diablo, Portland’s now-famous vegan strip club. And New York Magazine’s link: What is a Vegan Strip Club Anyway?