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Kevin Williams, husband of Assemblyman Tim Eustace, passes away

UPDATED to include obituary and time to pay respects, below the fold.

Our deepest sympathies to Asssemblyman Tim Eustace, one of our favorite people. Tim lost his husband Kevin Williams today. Tim and Kevin have two kids, Kyle and Corey, and the family has been a beacon during the fight for LGBT rights in New Jersey. Tim is only the second out gay member of the New Jersey Legislature; he is the first to be married.

Tim, our hearts are for you today.  

After the primary: races to watch

Yes, we know that in the competitive primary districts there were no surprises, and given the dynamics of these districts the balance between R’s and D’s is unlikely to change. However, there were a few omens in other races. The votes in the primary are not predictive of outcome in the general, but they may provide hints, favorable or unfavorable, about specific races.

Races that bear watching and would benefit from additional support:

LD 38: This was the only district where both D incumbents received less primary votes than the R challengers. In 2013 this was an incredibly close race.

LD 1: A split district where the R incumbent polled well, but the R challenger outpolled both the D incumbent and D challenger. This is a district which previously had two D incumbents and was closely contested in 2013.

LD 2: Another split district where the D incumbent got the most votes, and the D challenger slightly outpolled the R incumbent and R challenger. This was another close race in 2013.

To read the still unofficial results for all primary races go to the Division of Elections website.

Go below the fold to see the candidates and polling results for the above three races.  

Reflections on Transgender Day of Remembrance

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Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 3.16.47 PM

For the last dozen years as November 20th approaches, I tend to get particularly reflective and become aware of a depressive cloud that sometimes haunts me.

No, it’s not because it is my birthday and I’m another year older and not much wiser, but because it is Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), and I will be speaking about the insidious crimes committed against people like me — just because we choose to be honest about our gender identity and want to live as ourselves in a culture, a society, a socio-political/religious environment that for whatever reason tolerates, condones, and promotes fear and hate. It’s a culture that wants us gone.

The more violent the culture, it seems the more violent the crimes against us. As transgender people make strides in gaining rights and positive visibility, so it appears that the crimes against us, including murders, grow in number and become more gruesome.

NJ LGBT Democrats Organize an Active Caucus

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Ok, NJ Lesbians and Gays have “marriage equality” … We’ve got LGBT workplace protections, inclusive hate crimes, anti-bullying laws and a trans inclusive gay reparative therapy law. So, really, what’s next? Anything? Can we go home now? Well, not quite.

More on this, and how to find out about the LGBT Dems organizing meeting Tuesday in Edison, below the fold.