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Joe DiVincenzo should be progressives’ #1 target in 2014

Blue Jersey – especially those from Essex – your thoughts? Promoted by Rosi

Some facts on Essex County:

1. It is the most Democratic County in the state, having delivered victories of 70%+ to every Democratic Presidential candidate in recent memory.

2. It is a minority-majority county, with more Black residents than non-Hispanic White residents.  Presumably, the legions of registered Democrats in the county are even more minority-heavy

3. Essex County has, perhaps, the most entrenched political class in the state, protected by ballot structures which prioritize the Democratic Party’s anointed nominees, and primary election turnout that would make any fan of democracy shed tears.

4.  Essex County is run, administratively and politically, by the cartoonishly corrupt, self-serving, double dipping pay-to-play king Joe DiVincenzo, a man who fancies himself a statewide kingmaker and old school political boss.

DiVinenzo is no liberal.  Nor is he a moderate, or conservative.  Nor is he a non-ideological do-gooder.  DiVincenzo’s ideology is green, green for the inside of his own wallet.  The power structure he oversees prevents legislators who I believe would be at least decent and honest from straying from his power-hungry needs.

Why is it that in a county with a minority-majority, and with multiple cities suffering under the strain of poverty, horrible schools and urban blight, Democratic primary voters continue to let this man run their county?  Corruption in urban areas is often blamed on racial bias by voters, but DiVincenzo is a minority in Essex County, so that ain’t it.

NY Times Points Out the Obvious

Give the NY Times credit for pointing out the obvious:

While Ms. Weinberg and Mr. DiVincenzo took advantage of the same law, their cases are quite different. She is 76, an age at which Social Security, 401(k) plans and individual retirement accounts require people to collect pension payments, whether or not they are working. He is 58, not old enough to collect Social Security, or to withdraw money from any retirement accounts without penalties.

Mr. DiVincenzo is paid more than $153,000 a year for his full-time position, and his pension is almost $69,000 a year. The salary for Ms. Weinberg’s part-time job is $49,000, and her pension is about $36,000.

If you’re going to “take a bat” to Weinberg for numbers so small, I’d suggest using one made for whiffle ball.

Pension Confusion

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Let me start by restating that Joe DeVincenzo is a huge hypocrite and deserves all of the opprobrium hurled his way. To run around with Christie bad-mouthing pensions while he himself is drawing from one is shameless.

But the reporting about his “double-dipping” is foggy at best. Take the Wall St. Journal:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie urged lawmakers Monday to abolish the practice that allows politicians to get a pension and salary for the same job, but he didn’t get rough with a political ally who is doing just that.

Mr. Christie, a Republican, said he had spoken privately with Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo, a Democrat, to say he didn’t approve of the practice.

“I have expressed to him very clearly that I do not think it is the right thing to do,” Mr. Christie said. [emphasis mine]

Wait – “for the same job”? That’s not what newjerseynewsroom.com reported:

Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo is double dipping at the public employee pay trough, and New Jersey’s largest police union wants him out of office.

The State Policemen’s Benevolent Association revealed Friday that DiVincenzo is taking advantage of a loophole that allows him to collect a $68,861 annual pension for serving as the county top official and $153,207 annually for continuing to serve in the position.

That makes DiVincenzo’s total take home $222,069 annually and more than what the governor, his cabinet members or any of New Jersey’s U.S. senators and members of Congress make. In August, as he was seeking another term as county executive, DiVincenzo quietly put in his retirement papers for a pension he earned as a parks supervisor and school athletics coordinator. [emphasis mine]

Well, which is it? Is the pension drawn from his position as Executive, or from his previous public jobs?