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Latino Action Network Announces Opposition to Opportunity Scholarship Act

Latino Action Network Announces Opposition to Opportunity Scholarship Act

For Immediate Release: December 5, 2011

Christian Estevez, Chair, Education Committee – 973-418-7012

Daniel Santo Pietro, Chair, Public Policy Committee – 732-496-9628

The Latino Action Network [LAN] today announced its opposition to the Opportunity Scholarship Act because it would drain money away from public education and give it to corporate interests so it could be doled out to private schools.

“The Opportunity Scholarship Act is a big gimmick that benefits corporate interests that would do nothing to help poor children stuck in failing school districts,” said Christian Estevez, Executive Vice President of the Latino Action Network and Chair of the Education Committee.  “Not one penny of corporate money would fund the scholarships established by this misguided legislation. The state would take money from our public schools and hand it to the corporations, who would then claim corporate philanthropy with our tax dollars.”

Estevez concluded: “This is an educational gimmick of the worst sort. This legislation does nothing to address the core issues of housing and educational segregation. We pledge to work with legislators to address the real issues that hurt so many children of low and moderate-income families.”

Below is the official policy statement of the Latino Action Network with regards to the Opportunity Scholarship Act:

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Critics of Coalition Map Miss the Point

This is a fair criticism, though we question whether forward movement on minority representation was the prime mover of that rumor. Either way, there are too many white men repping us all, and the time is well past ripe to change that. – Rosi

The New Jersey Legislative Redistricting Coalition is comprised of the New Jersey State Conference of the NAACP, La Causa NJ, The New Jersey Black Issues Convention, Latino Action Network, the Latino Coalition, the Garden State Bar Association, the Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey, the Association of Black Women Lawyers, and various community leaders from the African American, Asian and Latino communities.

The New Jersey Redistricting Coalition’s main goal is creating more opportunities for people of color to run for elected office…PERIOD…this is not born out of a desire to gerrymander or create an unfair advantage for one demographic or another.  If leaders of both parties adhered to the law (i.e. the Voting Rights Act) and produced a map consistent with the new Census data that shows significant increases in minority populations statewide there would be no need for the coalition to exist.