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Linda Greenstein replies to that leaked Mercer County video

I reached out to Sen. Greenstein before our posting today of this video, leaked originally to Down With Tyranny, associated with the Blue America PAC, whose ‘paid for’ disclosure appears on the video, and which has endorsed Greenstein opponent Bonnie Watson Coleman. Her campaign sent this statement:


“This thinly veiled attempt at intimidation from unnamed party bosses unfortunately reeks of the kind of sexism successful women have had to contend with throughout history.  Anonymous smears calling an accomplished female senator “erratic” and claiming that she has a pattern of “confused behavior” is nothing so much as code for “keep the little woman out of our smoke-filled back room.” It is no coincidence that the Democratic Party, on their watch, has never sent a woman to Congress.  Unfortunately for these anonymous party bosses, she has refused to back down from shining the light on how these backroom politicians have worked to promote their agenda. Instead, she will continue to run an aggressive campaign so that every single woman in Central New Jersey knows that their next Congresswoman will never back down from representing the interests of women everywhere, even in the face of intimidation and sexist threats.”

Sen. Greenstein’s reference to accusations that she is “erratic” with a pattern of “confused behavior” come from this post at The Daily Beast by Olivia Nuzzi.

Congressional primaries, even in well-educated districts like NJ’s CD12 are by nature low-turnout, with the majority of party voters paying little attention. That said, is this leaked video from an obviously stressed, and contentious process meeting inside the Mercer Democratic Party enough to impact this race?  

Update on Jeff’s Gardner’s Senate campaign

An earlier version of this post had the wrong date for DFA Chair Jim Dean’s arrival – it’s tomorrow (Wed), not Thursday.

Hey, Blue Jerseyans, I just wanted to give you all a brief update on Jeff Gardner’s white-hot and grassrootsy campaign for Senate.

JeffGardner_headshotA little background: Right now, of course, this is a primary campaign; Jeff is running against the 30-plus year incumbent John Girgenti. The legislative district, as it now stands, is LD-35. We don’t know yet how redistricting will shake out for Paterson and the surrounding areas that now make up the district (Jeff testified last month). But as it happens, Jeff and Girgenti live in the same town: Hawthorne. Jeff was once an active volunteer for Girgenti, who was both state Senator and Hawthorne’s Democratic municipal chair. But last June, Jeff challenged Girgenti for that chair. And Jeff’s win was a huge upset for the powerful Girgenti, a slam-dunk grassroots victory for Hawthorne Dems, and the real start of the changes yet to come.

Jeff’s national DFA endorsement: Jeff’s been a statewide leader for Democracy for America-NJ (DFA-NJ) since its start. I’m totally bragging on my friend to say it’s been my privilege to work alongside him there since Howard Dean started DFA 7 years ago. Jeff’s success is now a huge national priority for DFA. And tomorrow, DFA Chair Jim Dean (yes, Howard’s brother) will be at Jeff’s campaign office for a press conference at 2:30pm, and after a big canvass goes out for Jeff, will headline a fundraiser for Jeff. (Jeff’s campaign HQ)

Fantastic post about Jeff in Down With Tyranny: If you don’t know Jeff or his history, Howie Klein’s very supportive words are a great intro. And he gave Jeff the opportunity to post at his national-readership site. If you already know Jeff, it’s all just a great read.

Jeff Gardner has a question for Chris Christie: Why did the governor head to Little Falls and Wayne to tour flood-ravaged areas, and skip over Paterson, one of Jersey’s largest cities?

Raising money for Jeff: John Girgenti’s had 30 years to build up a war chest. Jeff’s campaign is built on grass/netroots organizing. Read up on Jeff, now a district, state and even national progressive priority. Send a message to Trenton that you want real Democrats in the State House. Back Jeff with some money – any amount you can give matters. And I’ll make it easy: we’re 2 days away from Jeff’s Money Bomb Day – Thursday. (RSVP for Jeff’s Money Bomb here).