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Bergen Politician Adminstration prosecuted for No-Show job… This election is over..

From the County that is home to the fabled Bada Bing Go-Go- club, brings a genuine Tony Soprano like  “no-show” government job.


GOP Reformer Donovans election has now officially collapsed and her band of merrymakers in Hackensack have really become an embarrassment.

Now a deeper dive, shows the “Progressives reformers” that took over Hackensack government in 2013, were not really as progressive as we thought. Here’s the rub



Alleged Progressive Reformer Bergen Republican County Executive Kathleen Donovan’s administration has just been prosecuted for having an actual no-show county job, where an actual employee was given $80,000.00 per year and never had to show up for work. Never had to clock in. Never had any responsibilities and reported directly to the Donovan’s Chief of Staff.

You can’t make this up! While Donovan had been back in the day been fondly remembered as “one of us” and has always been very popular in certain communities, there is no way now, even 3 weeks before her big election  that anyone can support this sinking ship from law breaking by sending out illegal mailers, to the largest muni bond scam in the country.

Getting prosecuted 3 weeks before the election for no-show jobs its clear this campaign has hit the bottom, especially coming off the Donovan’s recent admission of breaking the law and paying a large fine.


and then this


Now while Donovan had a really bad week, it’s only going to get worse.  Reports are that the BCIA is up next for a big shake out as the Executive Director, Union County resident Rob Garrison is next up with a political bulls eye on his back, for his law breaking  regarding his refusal to move to Bergen County. Getting paid $180,000 and refusing to move to  Bergen County as promised is really a slap in the face to every taxpayer, especially since he swore he would.

The Democratic Freeholders are set to expose his crime regarding this, which will only lead to a deeper dive regarding Garrisons approval of the infamous David Samson’s legal fees.


*Bergen County Meltdown* will impact State of NJ

The recent article by the Bergen Record detailing a letter from apparently a private citizen demanding a restriction on political candidates right to free speech is really an amazing tale of how really, really bad things are with the Chris Christie loving Bergen Republicans. There are many moving parts here.

1) The Bergen GOP is in a meltdown, with a long lingering scandal where its well-known that he was awarding county contracts.


2)  Bergen Community College


and even another report here….


THE BEST IS HERE.  Check out the final paragraph where even the Bergen Democrats are now attacking scandals…. This is big




 Even the Star Ledger get involved in the act


The Donovan meltdown was seen coming from a mile away. With the pending $800MM in BCIA bonds that Donovan wants to issue, there are still more chapters to writ. Our beloved Governor SWORE it would be done before the Superbowl was played in NJ.

It’s clear BCDOer James Tedesco a low key Paramus volunteer Fireman has already won the election, with the latest indication coming from the one-person club called the Jeff Tittle Sierra Club, which has a long 60 year long personal friendship with current state pensioner/County Exe. Donovan has now even refused to endorse her.   ouch….

In summary, there is a lot of shoes to drop, the Wolf Samson BCIA conflicts of interests indictments, the Bergen County Bridget Kelly Bridgegate tell all, the BCC indictments of no bid contracts,  and many more…

The end of the expensive lawsuits will be coming to an end in Bergen soon.

Bergen Executive losing control as indictments near

As expected indictments for Wolff Samson are about to be dropped, the one County where Wolff Samson were tied to nearly every single transaction, Bergen County, it’s clear  Republican County Exe. Donovan (who’s also has a sex-for-play scandal involving the selection of the County Insurance contract and Bergen GOP Party Boss Alan Marcus) is in complete whirlwind spin melt down mode as per the latest Bergen Evening Record blather of Donovan diarrhea:


Donovan’s most embarrassing action now is the veto of the new BCIA law firm (Florio,Percucci, etc) because of what she predicts n the future MAY be a conflict!!!  WOW-talk about a stretch. Also, since when does the hired help now even has a vote on a decision??? Cant the same conflict that Donovan now abhors also be raised in the rest of her administration, such as David Samsons conflict with Triple Five and the Port Authority and Donovan’s failure to file criminal charges regarding the GW Bridge?

Donovan never was concerned in the past with conflict of interests at the BCIA. Among them:

1) Donovan appointed her own County Administrator Ed Trawinski to be a BCIA Commissioner, when it was ruled that there was a conflict

http://www.co.bergen.nj.us/Arc…     PAGE 21 has ethics complaint.

2) Donovan appointed scandal infested attorney Thomas Mason Esq. to be a BCIA Commissioner, when it is also ruled a conflict.  GOP Donovan gives a contract for child support Public Defender AND also appoints the same Mason guy to be a BCIA Commissioner. Ergo Mason votes her way at BCIA and in return Donovan gives him a $50,000 contract!


This is done even though in 2011 the very own BCIA Counsel eventually did an advisory opinion saying there is a conflict.

3) Donovan approved David Samson firm to do legal work at the BCIA. When Samson’s client was getting BCIA approval for tax-exempt bonding. Page 60 of 2011 .pdf.

4) Now the real crime occurred on Page 125 of attached. Pdf.  This is exactly the crux of where all the fraud has gone down:   Donovan and GOP documented approval of American Dream Mall AND Samson represents American Dream Mall, which is Triple Five AND Samson also represents Bergen County. THIS IS A CONFLICT, for the last 3 years.   It gets better


So Republican Donovan knows she is in trouble and Samson is telling all about Donovan and her own real conflicts, so she makes up some bogus case where a new law firm MAY have a future conflict… This is a sign of someone in desperate trouble and going on the offense regarding the same charges that her crew has done and will face jail for.

Also look at the law firm, it a standard Business model with another Republican Party Boss running the firm… So Donovan is saying an evil Republican firm is a walking conflict.




5) The best is the past BCIA Counsel Tom Broongiee is and has been Donovan’s own Campaign Tres and also has an ELEC violation charge for giving Donovan to much money!!  The arrogance of these clowns.

Bottom line – the inbreeding of Christies top hack law firm Wolff Samson is in big big trouble and corrupt Donovan is 100% tied in and will also be destroyed in this large scandal.

So far, her County Admin has quit, her County Counsel has quit, her Freeholders have voted against Donovan and now Donovan has lost all of her lawsuits, the real major ones.  The only shoe left iindictments and Donovan will get a Trenton job soon.

With contract scandals, the demise of Samson, the exposure of the American Dream Mall bond scam, will bring down Bergen GOP, which means Christie is next….

Xanadu: bipartisan consensus, public opposition

One of those moments of bipartisan consensus that Gov. Christie likes to brag about came this spring, when both parties came together to bail out the Xanadu mall with up to $800 million in public funds. The money will bail out a project that is not only figuratively underwater, but also literally sinking into the Meadowlands swamps. The State Senate voted 36-0 and Assembly 71-6 back in June to approve $200 million of the $800 million package.

The mall will be called “American Dream Meadowlands” – which led KendalJames to point out a couple months back that perhaps in today’s age of bailouts, getting free taxpayer money for a megamall is the real American Dream.

It turns out that this bipartisan consensus is wildly unpopular, with 58 percent opposed and only 31 percent approving. The opposition is bipartisan – coming from both liberals and conservatives, according to the pollster.

It makes you wonder – how does a development get $800 million in public funds in a time when such funds are incredibly scarce and our urban and suburban schools are struggling, homestead tax rebates are cut, and transit fares and tolls are going way up? And how does a bipartisan consensus form around a project that neither party’s base supports?

Publicly-Funded Tax-Free Financing – The REAL American Dream

We are out of money, New Jersey! Shared sacrifice, pension rollbacks, pay freezes, pay cuts, higher fees, reduced services, shitting all over our public employees, women, the poor, kids with disabilities – PANDEMONIUM!

Oh, wait. You say you’re the Ghermezian family from Canada, and you’re worth $4 Billion American sawbucks? You’ve taken over Xanadu, re-named it American Dream and stand to turn an obscene profit?

Well then why wouldn’t every-day middle class folks be happy to bankroll your request for tax-free PUBLIC financing to the tune of $800 million. Oh, and Triple Five would also like Bergen County to pony up $450 million in bonds, too.  

Yeah, that sounds totally cool.  

I Believe The Governor is a Good Husband and Father. I Just Don’t Believe He’s A Good Governor!

For The New Jersey Family.

Twas a good convention. I was moved by speeches given by Chair John Wisniewski, our Senator Frank Lautenberg and most notably the one passionately delivered by Speaker Sheila Oliver. The theme of all was: remember why we’re Democrats, and go back to the grass roots who share our values. Young people, candidates, vendors and many interesting folk in attendance. The breakout sessions were informative, and meeting other Dems was most satisfying.  Made some great connections with other women throughout the state who want to help with the womens’ access to health care issue. Also enjoyed meeting some of the very famous Blue Jersey bloggers in person. They were all over the convention. Rosi, with her trusty computer, kept all of you up to date in real time.

But why do some in our ranks continue to try to plant negative stories with the press? Not designed to help anyone!

Along with the Women’s Political Caucus, we hosted the Women’s Health Roundtable in Trenton this past week. Very well attended and representatives of the various groups including nurses and other health professionals, womens’ organizations, and providers were outspoken in describing what the cuts to these health programs mean for women and their families. Thanks to Jay Lassiter for being there with his camera. I did describe the Governor as having initiated a “war on women”. Mike Drewniak, Gov’s press secretary, responded with: ‘that’s over the top – everyone knows Chris Christie is a loving husband and devoted father to two daughters’.  I would assume that’s very true, and would only add: And they have very good health insurance and access to health care!  more below…