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A look at the new NJ-21 (and a brief history)

by Stephen Yellin

First, a friendly welcome to the residents of Kenilworth, Chatham Borough, Bernards Township and Far Hills (all 919 of you in the last case) to the 21st Legislative District of New Jersey. I hope you find your accommodations comfortable, as you’ll be staying here for the next 10 years. 🙂

Second, we in the 21st bid a fond farewell to Chatham Township, Madison and Millburn, which will now have a Democratic delegation to represent them in the form of Dick Codey, John McKeon and Mila Jasey. While this Berkeley Heights resident is more than a little jealous to be less than a mile away from having this awesome trio as my delegation, I take comfort in knowing that my friends at Drew University will get to know another awesome ex-Governor a lot better in the year ahead*.  

Re-districting Drama. An Open Thread.

Sometime in the next 24 hours New Jersey residents will learn which legislative district their town will be in. I’m guessing mine will remain largely intact with Cherry Hill keeping our current Senator Jim Beech.

What about your town? And are you quivering with anticipation?


Screen shot 2011-02-10 at 5.16.59 PMJeff Gardner to panel: SORT THIS OUT!

Jeff is a candidate for the legislature. Depending on redistricting he may run in what is currently his home district, the 35th.  – promoted by Rosi

Last night, New Jersey’s Legislative Reapportionment Committee held a public hearing in Newark, one of just 5 opportunities scheduled for the public to weigh in on what could determine who controls state government for the next 10 years. More than a little interested in the process, I decided to attend.

The room was PACKED! For a while it was uncertain whether I would even get into the standing-room-only hearing room, let alone be allowed to testify. But, I did get in. And, I submitted my request to give testimony, like so many others had done. (Lesson learned: no advance reservation is needed – if you’ve got something to say, you should be able to say it.)

My testimony focused on the importance of expeditiously completing the final map to enable as many potential candidates as possible to mount vigorous competitive campaigns in the newly-drawn districts – a matter of utmost concern to so many of the evening’s speakers who were concerned about their communities being underrepresented in Trenton. Including, of course, me.

To that end, I made 2 simple requests: First, that the Committee allow the 11th member to be appointed, without delay, to ensure the final map will be completed as expeditiously as possible, and with that too-powerful 11th member having had the benefit of actually hearing from the public on the process. And, second, that the Committee stop wasting time arguing about whether the map should be based on voter turnout instead of census population numbers. There’s a reason this process happens only every ten years – it’s because that’s when the census happens. The map should be based on population. Period. Arguments to the contrary are a distraction that only serves to unnecessarily delay the process.

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