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“Fasten Your Seatbelt,” here comes Senator Geraldo?

GeraldoUPDATE from Rosi I just want to remind people that the last time Geraldo was in the news was when he said Trayvon Martin’s decision to wear a hoodie was as responsible for his own death as George Zimmerman was. Prompting Geraldo’s own son to say he was ashamed of Geraldo’s idiotic remarks. That’s all. – Rosi

It’s difficult to imagine something this country needs less than a Fox News personality in the Senate, but Geraldo doesn’t agree with me:

“I mention this only briefly, fasten your seatbelt,” Rivera said on his radio show. “I mentioned this only briefly to my wife … but I am and I’ve been in touch with some people in the Republican Party in New Jersey. I am truly contemplating running for Senate against Frank Lautenberg or Cory Booker.”

Oddly enough, the Hill doesn’t mention Lou Dobbs as a potential primary opponent.

So, what’s your best Al Capone’s Vault or Map in the Sand Senate joke?

Election Night Results Blogging at Blue Jersey

Of course, we will be on top of things tomorrow as the polls close and the results start to (happily) roll in.

I will hopefully be live blogging at the Shulman for Congress victory party (wireless access permitting), and we will have updates from other Blue Jersey front pagers who will be “on the inside” at the Adler and Stender camps as well.

The thread will go up around 8PM to coincide with the closing of the polls, and hopefully we will have good news to report throughout the night.

Hope to see you here tomorrow night celebrating with us!!!

We should be proud: or not

Campaigns and Elections has a “Hall of Shame” of electoral nutjobs on this year’s ballot.  New Jersey has landed the spot at the top with the candidacy – actually, both candidacies, of Jeff Boss:

Candidates invariably say they’re speaking the plain truth to voters, but Jeff Boss is one candidate who can claim to be an actual “truther.” That’s the name that 9/11 conspiracy theorists have given themselves, and Boss is a member in good standing. On the ballot in New Jersey both as an independent Senate and presidential candidate, Boss claims to have extensive personal knowledge of the events surrounding the terrorist attacks seven years ago.

It’s tough to glean from his website, which is virtually impossible to navigate because it was so hastily thrown together, but Boss insists that prior to 9/11, one of his relatives with knowledge of national security matters described a scenario in which the government planned to fly airplanes into buildings.

Boss’s paranoia is so extreme that it?s difficult to piece together his claims, but they mostly revolve around his cataloguing of several attempts on his life, all of which he believes were carried out by the National Security Agency. He regaled me with stories of finding suspicious items underneath his car that he believes to be bombs, and insists he has been the target of NSA surveillance.

The rest is after the jump.

Who says there is no such thing as bad PR?

The wonderful thing about electoral politics in the US is the … well, let’s use the word “colorful” … characters that decide to challenge the system by launching independent campaigns.  One of my favorites was Loretta Nall, who ran for Governor of Alabama under the slogan “Vote for Nall, Y’all”.  Her platform was largely limited to legalizing marijuana and repealing the state law that required women to wear panties when visiting male prisoners in state penitientiaries (go ahead and Google, I’ll wait).  I mean, when a candidate has an official campaign shirt (more of these boobs, less of the ones in office), you gotta appreciate the effort.

I’m decidedly less thrilled with the latest independent candidate in New Jersey.  Daryl Brooks is apparently running so he can expose the horrors of child-support.  I kid you not:

“America’s child support system has been called by many ‘The modern-day resurrection of the debtor’s prison system,’ ” Brooks said in a press release. “Thousand of previously incarcerated people have been re-jailed or imprisoned — for anywhere from six months to three years or more — over this type of debt, and face more FELONY convictions tacked upon their records as a result.”

The short story:

Daryl Brooks, city activist and independent U.S. Senate candidate, was jailed Monday for failure to pay more than $70,000 in child support payments to three women.

Brooks, who served a jail term for a sex offense in 1998, vowed to embark on a hunger strike to protest the treatment of those released from prison in America.

Brooks says he can’t pay his child support – which he owes for an unknown number of people to three different women – because he has trouble finding work when people find out he’s a sex offender.  Oddly enough, thousands of ex-inmates find paying jobs and manage to live up to their obligations – despite the challenges in doing so.  I’m not saying that Brooks’ arguments doesn’t contain a seed of truth, but it’s a seed that is buried so deeply that it can’t see the light of day.

You think he’ll find a better job now?

The Senate Race that Wasn’t

FDU PublicMind has a new poll out.  If your name rhymes with “Rick Dimmer”; then it might just be bad enough news to make you cry.

With under a month to go before the election, 35% of respondants had never heard of the Generic Republican Opponent (GRO).  That included 23% of Republicans.  Only 17% of voters had a favorable opinion of the GRO. 36% had heard of him, but had no opinion.

That makes two-thirds of the respondants who had either not heard of the GRO or didn’t know what to think of him.  The only thing things could get worse would be, as they say in Louisiana, he were caught in bed with a dead woman or a live boy.

If the election were held today, Lautenberg would get 50% of the vote (including leaners) to 34% for the GRO. While this is sure to be news that makes our senior Senator relax on weekends, the problem is that… well, it makes him relax on weekends.  I haven’t even seen a yardsign.  The net effect of that is to stunt any sort of coattails Barack Obama might get started at the top of the ballot.

I’ve not been overly impressed with the campaign Linda Stender has run this year – especially considering how strong she ran in ’06.  But John Adler is working hard, as is Dennis Shulman.  Josh Zeitz and Dave Kurkowski and Tom Wyka are all working their butts off, and they could use support from the top of the ticket.  But they aren’t getting it – and it looks like they may as well give up on any hope that they will.

Email from Lautenberg

From the Lautenberg campaign:

We wanted to take a moment to let you know that Senator Lautenberg decisively won tonight’s Democratic Senate primary debate. [….]

Oh also, Murray Sabrin is the frontrunner on the Republican side.

Update: Andrews’ campaign sent out a press release, too. It’s pretty sleazy so I won’t reprint it here. Yuck.

The candidates debate

Rob Andrews just said on the NJ 101.5 debate that he supports a minimum wage of $15-16/hour.

Lautenberg wouldn’t say what level he supports. “I don’t think that one can place a dollar figure on it. It ought to be enough to support a family.”

Round 1: Andrews 1, Lautenberg 0

Both candidate say they support marriage equality. Andrews also volunteered that he would favor repealing DOMA — the Defense of Marriage Act – – which he notes both he and Lautenberg voted for.

Round 2: Andrews 2, Lautenberg 0

Update: I joined in late and got bored half way through, hence the weak coverage. Anyone else listen and catch anything interesting?

Speaking of debates, I was a little bored earlier today and put my photoshop skills to use…