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Christie’s trajectory in presidential polls

Presidential primaries start about nine months from now. Nine months ago Governor Christie was riding high, but his trajectory since then has been downward. According to Real Clear Politics which provides a summary of presidential polls, in July last year Gov. Christie led the pack of contenders in a CNN poll by one point over Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee. Perry was 4th, Bush was 5th, and Walker was 6th. Since then Christie has dropped, and both Bush and Walker have risen. This does not presage well for him in the early primaries where a victory is important to propel him forward.

How times have changed. Below the fold is his poll trajectory over the past six months, leading him downward to 6th place. Included also are data in states holding early primaries and caucuses.

QoTD – January 20, 2018

Looking into the future: From the New York Times – January 20, 2018 after the governor has served out his term in office and is ready to participate in the swearing-in of his successor:

“He suggested that he had few, if any, regrets, and said he was proud that the New Jersey Legislature never overrode one of his vetoes, even as he vetoed more bills than any other governor of New Jersey. He leaves office under criminal indictment on charges alleging abuse of power, a case that could play out during a presidential campaign.

This is an actual quote from today’s New York Times. The only change is that I replaced Texas with New Jersey. Christie’s presidential rival, Rick Perry, is leaving office under a cloud of indictment. Will history repeat itself if Christie opts to run for the White House in 2020?

Wanted: A Special Prosecutor

In Texas, Gov. Rick Perry, who has no control over state prosecutors, was indicted on state criminal charges by a Texas Grand Jury investigating allegations that he had abused his power.  In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie, who has turned abuse of power into standard operating procedure, spends his days running around the country “not running” for president, gleefully untroubled by the notion of hard time in the state pen.

Here’s why.  Unlike the practice in most states, the governor of New Jersey gets to appoint the state’s attorney general.  Christie, for his part, has appointed trusted allies, and, despite denials, he has considerable control over what goes on in the attorney general’s office.  (Do we really think an attorney general appointed by Chris Christie would file criminal charges against him?)  And since the attorney general oversees the entire criminal justice system of the state, including the operations of the state police and county prosecutors, Christie essentially controls the entire law enforcement apparatus of the state.

As a result, there are no active criminal investigations into possible violations of state law by the Governor and his associates.  All investigations are being conducted by outside entities – the Manhattan District Attorney, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the U.S. Attorney – none of whom have jurisdiction over violations of NJ law.  We even recently learned, thanks to the persistence of NJ Watchdog, that the attorney general’s Division of Criminal Justice went so far as to deep-six an investigation into allegations of serious pension fraud by Lt. Gov. Guadagno.  http://watchdog.org/147694/chr…  We also are left with troubling unanswered questions about the role of the Christie administration in quashing a 43-count corruption indictment against the Hunterdon County Sheriff and two deputies with close ties to the administration.  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10…

This is serious.  The people of NJ desperately need an independent special prosecutor to investigate potential violations of state law by the Governor and his associates.  I cannot overemphasize the significance and urgency of this point.  All indications are that the Governor, unlike the rest of us, is free to flout state law with impunity.  That is a deeply unsettling notion for a democracy, especially when the politician in question aspires to live in the White House.

However, if we have been misinformed, and Christie has nothing to hide, he should – to borrow a phrase from Richard Nixon – welcome this investigation.  After all, the people of NJ deserve to know that their governor isn’t a crook.

POSTSCRIPT.  Here, in advance, is the public explanation that Christie will provide in rejecting calls for a special prosecutor.  (We all know the real reason.)  1. “You can’t come up with a better question than that, jerk?!”  2. “A special prosecutor would duplicate work already being done by the attorney general’s office.”  3. “A special prosecutor would waste valuable taxpayer dollars [which are better squandered on my own legal defense team].”

What’s Happening Today Wed. 10/02/2013

Booker vs. Lonegan and the election schedule that only Christie could concoct:: With exactly two weeks to go, October 16 is the Special Election date for the U. S. Senate race. Gov. Christie made it particularly “special” by holding it on a Wednesday and not on General Election day. How convenient! We continue to miss Sen. Frank Lautenberg. We wont miss current Sen. Jeff Chiesa (R), but don’t be surprised if Christie appoints him to another position.  

Now we have the 13th public poll on the race: The Monnmouth Universiity poll which has Booker at 53% and Lonegan at 40% – a +13 point advantage. Previous recent polls according to Real Clear Politics: Quinnippiac (9/22) Booker +12, Kean University (9/19) Booker +19, Richard Stockton College (9/21) Booker +26 and Rutgers-Eagleton (9/09) Booker +35. The race has tightened up, Booker maintains a healthy lead (no “margin of error” concerns), but in this weird election with low turnout predicted it is important that we all vote and help GOTV or else face something akin to the apocalypse.

Republican candidate Steve Lonegan has been in a persistent and somewhat successful attack mode. There were high spirits at his classic 1938 Bendix Diner event yesterday in Hasbrouck Heights. With some 70 attendees, it opened with a prayer which included a blessing for “marriages between one man and one woman.” Texas Governor Rick Perry, accompanied by plainclothes Texas Rangers, spoke briefly about guns (good) and ACA (bad: “It’s felonious”) and lauded Texas and Lonegan. Steve Lonegan then launched into his stump speech talking concisely, spiritedly, and bluntly about his conservative principles. On the government shutdown he said, “It’s a little inconvenient but not so much so.”

Senior Lonegan Advisor Rick Shaftan spent a few minutes with me enumerating all the perceived bad points about Cory Booker. When I asked Shaftan twice why he thought Lonegan would win, the four-word response each time was “He is a conservative.” Apparently that’s sufficient. One good point about Shaftan: he likes Joey Novick, but then again so do a lot of people.

Two attendees saw a truck in the parking lot painted with “1-800-got-junk,” under which they affixed a sign reading, “YES! Obamacare.” Perhaps an indication of their high spirits, enthusiasm and confidence. Also in attendance were Senator Gerald Cardinale (R-39), Bergen County Exec. Kathleen Donovan and Senator Michael Doherty (R-23).

NJ Court sets up schedule for the State’s application to stay the Summary Judgment order, set to be effective October 21, in the M. E. case: October 1: the State must file its case; October 4: the Plaintiff’s opposition to the stay must be filed; October 7: the State may file its opposition if it chooses. There will be no oral arguments.  

Pubic Schedules (Your opportunity to support or heckle)

Buono/Silva gubernatorial campaign: No public events.

Christie/Guadagno gubernatorial campaign: Chris Christie: 4:30pm, Groundbreaking ceremony at Rowan University College of Engineering, Glassboro; 6:15pm, addresses the New Jersey Alliance for Action’s Eagle Awards Dinner, Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick.

U.S. Senate nominee Cory Booker: 6:00pm, Reception at the home of Carol and Andy Golden with Rep. Rush Holt, Princeton, for more information go here; 9:00pm, “Run with Cory,” Palmer Square, Princeton.

U. S. senate candidate Steve Lonegan: 6:30pm, fundraiser, High Point Brewing Company, 22 Park Place, Butler.

Open thread: Add an event taking place today of interest to our readers, or email items for this column the evening before to BillOrr563@gmail.com

What’s Happening Today Tue. 10/01/2013

Breaking Bad: Congress used to pass budgets, which proved too difficult so it shifted to continuing resolutions (CR’s). Last night it could not even pass a CR so this morning is breaking bad. The TV show of the same name, with a chemistry teacher who became a meth cook kingpin, took many dark turns and ended this weekend on an almost uplifting note. No such luck for Americans from a congress where one group can threaten a government shutdown or a federal default if it does not get its way on some totally separate issue. The Republicans, hell-bent on destroying the American Care Act, stood together, including New Jersey’s Sen. Jeff Chiesa and all six Republican Representatives, as the pingpong-like game of shooting the bill back and forth continued. To add insult to injury, on a Dept of State and embassy security funding ammendment where the vote was 384 Aye to 37 Nay, Republican Rep. Scott Garret (CD 5) was the only member of our entire delegation to vote “Nay.”

Ironically the bill could have passed had House leadership presented a clean bill (just the CR) to its members, but those with presidential ambitions, Tea Party members, and fear of the Tea Party won the night. Spoiler alert for those who still plan to view the final T.V. episode of Breaking Bad. When Walter White dies, it is to the tune of Badfinger’s “Baby Blue”: “Guess I got what I deserved.” Apt for the Republicans, but in addition to the mayhem they have now brought us, they live on to bring us further dark turns and machinations as they work to resolve the shutdown and move toward the next debt ceiling crisis with a similar threat.

Breaking Good: The ACA enrollment starts today offering health insurance for the many New Jerseyans who are uninsured, expanding Medicaid, and providing subsidies. Another irony is that there was never any chance of hallting enrollment into Obamacare, as funds had already been dispensed to the states, it is a mandated program, and the President would have vetoed defunding or delaying tactics. Go to this federal website or call 1-800-318-2596 to find out more about our health exchange. Your Health – Your Choice. (Be aware there may be a slowdown and glitches as the enrollment rolls out.)

Public Schedule: (your opportunity to jeer or cheer)  

Buono/Siva gubernatotorial campaign: no public events.

Christie/Guadagno gubernatorial campaign: Chris Christie: 11:00am, Speech at Ramapo College regarding a campus construction project, Mahwah; 12:30pm, a campaign stop at a senior citizen picnic with “Democratic” Senator Brian Stack who endorsed Christie, Bella Vista Senior Apartments, Union City.

The always articulate Texas Gov. Rick Perry: 11:00am, endorses and joins Republican U.S. Senate nominee Steve Lonegan, town hall meeting about “Obamacare,” Smithville Inn, Smithville, and 1:30pm, Berkeley Township Recreation Center, Bayville, and finally 5:00pm, rally at the Bendix Diner, Hasbrouck Heights. Will Perry be able to remember the third location?

U.S. Senate Democratic nominee Cory Booker: 2:30pm, An invitation-only speech on how to make higher education more affordable, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison. One suggestion: insist that colleges live within their budget and end the exorbitant tuition increases, which do more harm than the outrageous loan programs.  

Getting the Message Out

It’s not news to anyone that Barbara Buono has an uphill battle to oust Chris Christie from the State House. It’s also not news that if the truth about Chris Christie were better known by the general public, Buono’s message would resonate better with voters.

The New Jersey State Democratic Committee understands this, and hastily called a teleconference today in an attempt to educate the mainstream media.

Taking advantage of Christie’s well-publicized trip to Texas, the New Jersey Democratic Chair, John Currie, joined Texas Democratic Chair Gilberto Hinojosa in this eight-minute exposition of the track records of both Christie and Texas Governor Rick Perry. Hinojosa has been state party chair for a little over a year.

Currie started off reciting a litany of Christie’s failures and malfeasance including his veto of women’s health care, the fact that the Governor is out of state 25% of the time, the recent report on New Jersey’s poverty rate, and his billion dollar cut to education.

Conflating Christie with Perry, Hinojosa echoed a similar list of Perry’s actions during his three terms as governor.

It will be interesting to see how the mainstream media filters this teleconference, or if they report on it at all. There were no questions from the media following Currie’s and Hinojosa’s remarks.

Photo Credits: (Hinojosa) Marjorie Kamys Cotera, Texas Tribune; (Currie) Blue Jersey