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Republicans, Race, and Redistricting

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The Republican Party tends to advocate for “race-blind” policies (like in this recent dismantling by Gov. Christie of an office to work with minority and women-owned businesses). Except, that is, once every ten years when it comes to redistricting when they start to talk a whole lot about diversity and the importance of race-based representation.

So perhaps they should be forgiven for being a bit out of practice on the facts. Like in today’s first meeting of the state’s Legislative Redistricting Commission. There, Republican Commissioner Irene Kim Asbury claimed that the African-American population in New Jersey had decreased in New Jersey since the last Census, thus inferring that African-American representation was less important than representation of growing Latino and Asian populations.

Only problem is – the comments have no basis in reality. More on that – and the broader story of redistricting strategy – below the fold.