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NJ Small Businesses Say Raise the Minimum Wage!

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Big business lobbies try to scare voters into believing that all business opposes increasing the minimum wage, and that it would cost jobs. But many small business owners actually support increasing the wage, because it would boost the economy by putting money into the pockets of workers who need it the most and who will turn around and spend it right away. Plus, of course, it’s the right thing to do, and most small business owners care about their employees and don’t try to exploit them.

As a small business owner myself (Telequest, a producer of documentary films) and a member of NJ Main Street Alliance (a project of NJ Citizen Action), I produced this web ad featuring NJ small business owners who urge voters to vote YES on ballot issue #2 on November 5 to increase NJ’s minimum wage to 8.25 with annual cost-of-living increases in the future:

View the video on YouTube

Please share widely especially with any folks in NJ!

Legislature Elections/Any Upsets ???

I have not heard of any upsets brewing in any of the State senate races.

Van Drew is doing well and still working hard.

Whelan has kept his opponent on the defensive and seems to have the trust of the voters.

Sweeney will destroy his ethically challenged candidate .

Greenstein looks to be fighting hard and holding off the burnt out  Inverso challenge.

The Assembly races in the 1st District will be close but the Democrats have used the constant “negative, never positive” tactic against the opposition and the voters are listening.

The 3nd District Riley race might be the tightest but a big push over the next 4 weeks will probably keep her in office.

The 2nd District has some good Assembly Democrats running but ,outside of Whelan, the GOP has an advantage here.

I hear that there is some GOP traction in the 14th District . That public sector worker Distict has to get busy!

Anyone hear anything different?

What is going on up North??  


With Booker as the Democratic Nominee for the Special Election, NJ Progressives Face a Quandary

In what is no new news to Jersey Progressives, Cory Booker has unsurprisingly coasted to the Democratic Nomination for the late Sen. Lautenberg’s seat. He won over half of the vote, destroying Rep. Frank Pallone, Rep. Rush Holt, and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver. I worked and did everything in my power to help Rep. Rush Holt try and pull the upset, but to no avail. Many Jersey progressives had been hoping and working for Holt and Frank Pallone in the hope that we New Jerseyans could get a genuine progressive voice in the Senate. Instead, it looks like we will be getting a “New” Democrat, a socially progressive, but pro-wall street and fiscally moderate to conservative democrat. The knee jerk reaction would be to support Mr. Booker over the Republican nominee, tea party wackjob Steve Lonegan, as a “hold your nose” vote.

However, due to the fact that there, in a addition to the bizarre October special election this year, will be another election in November 2014, we (NJ Progressives) have several options. I will outline the pros and cons of them in order to facilitate debate between NJ Progressives. I have broken them down into courses of action that may be taken.

Option #1-Write in Cory Booker

This idea, proposed by vmars, is a simple one-write in Cory Booker. Instead of voting for him on the line, we will write him in.

Pros: This is perhaps the best idea to express the Progressive discontent with New Democrats like Cory Booker. If people see that even if a few percent of his votes come from write-ins, people will realize that Cory Booker truly is no progressive. At the same time, he will be getting votes that will be keeping out tea partier, Steve Lonegan, affirming his status as the lesser of the two evils.

Cons: There are certain technical problems with this strategy. Comments on vmars’s column question whether voters are allowed to write in candidates on the ballot. Furthermore, Cory Booker is a rising star in the Democratic Party. Having him in the Senate will brighten his political star, and maybe allow him to look onto bigger things (cough cough President). Progressives do not want another powerful New Dem like Booker in a party infested with them.

Option #2-Write in a Progressive Candidate

Pros: It would once again show our discontent with Cory Booker. It would also raise recognition of progressive candidates like Rush Holt and Frank Pallone.

Cons: Should the election come close, these protest votes could act as a spoiler and hand the Senate seat over to Lonegan. In addition it would accomplish very little other than express discontent.

Option #3-Vote for “Crazy” Steve Lonegan

Pros: The most unorthodox and bizarre idea of them all, it could just work. I don’t foresee Steve Lonegan upsetting Cory Booker, or even coming close for that matter. But what if further dirt is dug up, revealing the Newark mayor to be more corrupt than we already know, and somehow Lonegan pulls off the upset? This would mean a re-match in 2014, and with Booker losing over scandal, the Democrats will never re-nominate him. Boom. That leaves the door open for Rush Holt and Frank Pallone to seek the nomination. With NJ voting for Lonegan as a “hold your nose vote”, this could very well lead Holt or Pallone to victory over Lonegan in 2014. There is no way that people though, will vote for Lonegan just because they like him and they think Booker is bad. Some sort of miracle would have to happen. In addition, a loss in the Senate race would kill Cory Booker’s political career.

Cons: This is by far, the riskiest option. With Lonegan in as the incumbent, he might have a shot at winning again in 2014. And he really is that horrible. He has expressed support for privatizing Social Security, calling it a “Ponzi” scheme, has said he would have opposed for FEMA aid for Sandy, and is likely a racist, as evidenced by his tweet. Having him though for one year in the Senate even, would be harmful, not to mention embarrassing for the Garden State. How do we know that a Progressive will even run though in 2014, should Lonegan win? Holt and Pallone might decline to run in 2014.

Option #4-Vote for Cory Booker

Pros: Booker, as disappointing as he is, is the lesser of the two evils to Steve Lonegan. Like Obama in 2012, by voting for Booker, Progressives could say they stood behind him, and hold his feet to the fire, and maybe be rewarded. And voting for him 2013 would give Liberals a chance to watch him under the microscope for a few months in order to decide whether it is worth challenging him in 2014.

Cons: With him winning in 2013, he would be a shoo-in for 2014. Even if we united behind Pallone or Holt in 2014, it would be impossible to take him down. Allowing him in would increase his political star.

So I ask you, NJ Progressives, what do we do?

Hitting The Doors And Speaking With Voters

As the weather turns and the daylight extends, my state Senate campaign is continuing to have a fantastic response as I knock on doors throughout the 39th District and speak with voters.

It was a perfect day for door-to-door campaigning recently in Westwood where I had the opportunity to speak with voters about their concerns and our effort to stand up for them in Trenton.

I spoke with a number of people who say they feel “lucky” just be employed. Many of them  working for minimum wage and are struggling to pay their household bills. They could certainly use the one-dollar minimum wage increase that my opponent believes is unnecessary and has been blocking.

I also spoke with many women about the need for equal pay for equal work. It is absolutely amazing to me that although we recently marked the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Equal Pay Act, we are still fighting to end wage discrimination here in New Jersey.

It is clear we have a gender wage gap in our state. Unfortunately, our Governor chose to veto three of four bills passed by the Legislature, that would have outlawed this kind of workplace discrimination. I find that appalling!

My campaign is continuing and if you live in the 39th district, I hope to see you at your front door very soon. Learn more about my campaign and please join our effort at http://www.bidwellforsenate.com/

Quote of the Day: The biggest jeopardy to Chris Christie’s national prospects

Michael Symons has a piece on the Asbury Park Press looking at the tight rope that Christie is trying to walk as he seeks re-election. But for all the talk of Christie trying to appeal to Independents and Democrats, it was this line that really summed up what the race is all about for Christie:

“The biggest jeopardy to Chris Christie’s national political prospects would be losing a re-election campaign for governor of New Jersey.

You see, the only way Christie Christie can continue to use New Jersey to boost his own personal career is if New Jersey voters give him the chance to continue it.  If you don’t want to give Christie the chance to continue to make a name for himself at your expense and on your dime, you can learn more about his Democratic opponent at www.buonoforgovernor.com.

@BuonoForNJGov Launches New Campaign Website

This past weekend, the Buono for Governor campaign launched their new website making it easier for people to get involved. From their first blog post:

Be sure to check out photos of Senator Buono on the campaign trail, videos from our announcement rally, and read the latest stories on the 2013 race.

Best of all, there are new ways you can help out Team Buono. Create your own personal fundraise pages to share with friends, right from your living room. This is the kind of grassroots organizing that will be critical to our success. To bring jobs back to New Jersey, stem the tide of people leaving our state, and to create a brighter future for all of our children, Senator Buono needs our help.

So make your way on over to www.buonoforgovernor.com and get involved. Among other things you will find there are this video from her official campaign kickoff:

Cardinale Out Of Touch With The Times, Out Of Step With The 39th District

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It is truly an honor to be running to represent the people of the 39th Legislative District. But sometimes we have seen elected officials take their position for granted. When my opponent Gerry Cardinale first went to Trenton in 1981, New Jersey’s median income was $22,000. Postage was 20-cents. Gasoline cost 90-cents.  As many Blue Jersey readers know, that is a far cry 30 years later from the challenges that residents are facing today.

New Jersey and the demographic makeup of Bergen and Passaic counties have dramatically changed since then. Its residents are now younger, more diverse, and more progressive.  The problem however, is that Mr. Cardinale has not changed with the times. He no longer reflects or represents the values and concerns that are important to his constituents.

I believe that the people of Bergen and Passaic counties deserve a fresh, progressive and vocal advocate in Trenton. As an experienced social worker with an extensive record of community service and activism, I would promote and support legislation in the Senate to stabilize property taxes; create jobs and strengthen small businesses; encourage shared municipal services, champion women’s pay-equity and healthcare; and fight for practical flood-control initiatives.

We saw the other day how Senator Lautenberg, a genuine statesman with a distinguished record of service to the people of New Jersey announced his difficult decision to leave public service – a decision that he made with the same grace and dignity with which he serves. It’s clear that if Mr. Cardinale won’t emulate Senator Lautenberg’s gallantry, I will ask the voters to make the decision for him.

Make a Contribution:  http://www.bidwellforsenate.co…

Like us on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/Bidwel…

Follow us on twitter:  https://twitter.com/janbidwell

Visit us on the web:     http://www.bidwellforsenate.com  

Off to an exciting start!

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We are off to an exciting start in our campaign for Senate in the 39th legislative District.  Check out some of the recent coverage on the announcement of our campaign:
The Star Ledger covered the announcement of our campaign:

Jan Bidwell, a social worker with a background in child advocacy, has announced plans to run for state Senate in the 39th District.  She’ll challenge longtime Sen. Gerald Cardinale, a Demarest Republican first elected in 1982. Her platform includes lowering property taxes, encouraging consolidated services among towns and broadening women’s access to healthcare.

The Patch article featured some of my priorities in this campaign as opposed to my opponent who is out of touch with the needs of the district:

"Our district needs a senator who understands the challenges of citizens who are buckling under the burden of high taxes and budget cuts, who are unemployed, who deserve to be paid a fair wage,"

The Back Room On PolitickerNJ picked up our announcement as well.

You can join our campaign and help put another strong women that will fight for our families in the Senate.

Make a Contribution:  http://www.bidwellforsenate.com/donate.html
Like us on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/BidwellforSenate
Follow us on twitter:  https://twitter.com/janbidwell
Visit us on the web:     http://www.bidwellforsenate.com 

I look forward to the race ahead and hope you will join us on this journey to stand up to the right wing Tea Party agenda that has stranded New Jersey’s families. Thank you for everything you do!

Can Buono Keep it close?

Starting with the premise that she cannot win,and any realistic person knows she cannot win against Christie,how can she keep it close ( 5% -9 % )?

How will she get the money,and from where will she get it?

What can she use as her single, ” main” pitch?

Can she get Christie to make a mistake? Can she get under his skin ? Does she have that kind of ” fire” to put him on edge?

I do not see it ,but am I missing something? So far she is acting like a lightweight. She is gaining no attention. Her comments are milktoast.

She has to earn support,it will not be presented to her. What she is doing right now does not work.

If Buono cannot become as nasty an SOB as Christie then she is wasting her time running.

This election is about one thing. The Democratic candidate must prove to the voters that Christie is a bullshitter. Then and only then can this election become close.

Can Buono come out and call Christie a bullshitter?