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Shoveling Matters

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In establishment politics, folks tend to get pretty jaded. Every word, every action, hell, every sneeze by a politician is viewed as a calculated move. If a constituent’s son is killed at war, it’s assumed that an elected official’s response is less about human emotion and more about conveying said official’s capacity for human emotion. Of course, that’s an extreme and somewhat silly example – the death of any service member is heart-wrenching, especially one in your own community. But the fact remains, we’ve all heard politicians and office holders attacked by their opponents for their “response” to tragedies, disasters, and other events in the news.

Just a few weeks ago, we were treated to the spectacle of all manner of criticism lobbed at officials at all levels for their handling of the December 26 blizzard. Mike Bloomberg only cared about Manhattan and was flippant towards the city’s residents. Chris Christie couldn’t even be bothered to skip his trip to Disney World to help New Jersey residents deal with the storm. Perhaps the most frustrating criticism was that lobbed at Cory Booker, especially in insider political circles, that his relentless updates on Twitter about his personal efforts to help residents dealing with the snow was a matter of grandstanding.

The most glaring public example of this criticism came from Governor Christie, in fact. As Jack Bohrer pointed out in an excellent article at Capital, the Governor snapped back at those pols who would “decide to be a showboat, hop on the back of a plow” and engage directly during the storm.

To my knowledge, Mayor Booker never directly responded to this criticism.

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